Press release
By Volta NDC Chapter

The recent wave of contract killings, upsurge in armed robbery and political vigilantism in the country is a major concern not only to the citizens of Ghana but the global community as well. Ghana which is regarded as a beacon of democracy and the standard torch bearer is now being ridiculed in international circles.

The civil society such as the Catholic bishop, the former Methodist moderator, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as well as many prominent citizens of the land including former president Rawlings have added their voice to condenm the upsurge of vigilantism in the country under the leadership of H.E Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

The NDC Volta chapter have observed some factual inaccuracies in respect to the attack on one Mr. Edem Tekpli as narrated by the former president in contributing to the rising wave of violent attacks in the country.

H.E former president made allusion to the fact that the attack on Mr. Edem Tekpli was as a result of ” our own internal violent machination against the colleague of an aspiring parliamentarian “.
The NDC Volta chapter holds the view the former president was either not well briefed or was misinformed on the issue relating to the attack on Mr. Tekpli.

Below are the facts relating to the attack on Mr. Edem Tekpli.

Mr. Tekpli stays in Ho and works in Dakpa within the Akatsi North district. According to his own narrative to the people of Amule community in Akatsi North, he was attacked on thursday dawn by some unknown assailants who tried to snatch his bag from him in Ho. His refusal to give in to their demand resulted to him receiving slaps from the assailants who later stabbed him.
Mr. Tekpli reported the case to the police and was sent for treatment at a hospital in Ho of which he was treated and discharged.

Edem Tekpli later located to Amule community, stayed there for some couple of days and went about his normal activities.

Few days later, Mr. Tekpli travelled to Accra for review upon request of a potential parliamentary aspirant who sent a vehicle to pick him to Accra.

We must put on record that the entire Amule community is surprised the narrative of Mr. Edem Tekpli had changed to a political matter contrary to what he told them and what the former president said when he paid him a visit.

At no point has the police said the attack on him was from within his own party, hence we should not create that impression when there is none.

The NDC Volta chapter use this opportunity to empathise with Mr. Edem Tekpli and wish him a speedy recovery on the alleged attack on him by unknown assailants.

It is our plea to all not to impugn any unfounded reasoning into the attack on Mr. Tekpli as we all waite for the report from the Ghana police service.

Thank you.


Hon. John Kwadwo Gyapong

Volta Regional NDC Chairman.

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