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Why Stem cell therapy is good for you.

♻ One sachet can activate about 80% of stem cells in your body.

⏩ Every part or organ of your body have stem cells, which are called differentiated stem cells meaning they have a specific responsibility in your body eg Skin stem cells, have the responsibility of regenerating your skin whenever its damaged, etc
⏩ From the age of 25 years and above, the production of stem cells declines hence the need of reactivation thus helping it to multiply and help the body heal faster.
Remember the more the stem cells the stronger the body hence the quicker the healing… The less the stem cells the weaker the body.

♻ Besides healing the specified condition or known condition , stem cells will help you prevent you from diseases.

A box of STC30 can address the following conditions and many others at once
⏩ Support health immune function
⏩ Cardiovascular disorders
⏩ Improve blood flow
⏩ Skin infections
⏩ Liver problems
⏩ Anti stress
⏩ Eye problems
⏩ Joint problems
⏩ Hemorrhoids
⏩ Hypertension
⏩ Osteoarthritis
⏩ Liver problems
⏩ Gastrointestinal disorders
⏩ Kidney disease
⏩ Anti aging
⏩ Burns
⏩ Diabetes
⏩ Heart disease
⏩ Stroke
⏩ Spinal cord injuries
⏩ Muscular degeneration
⏩ Prostate disorders
⏩ All kind of cancers (even at stage 4)
⏩ Memory problem
⏩ Sleeping problem
⏩ Infertility problem
⏩ Impotence or poor sexual performance

Its worth investing your money in stem cell.

Total healing of the whole body.

Bringing back the body organs to their normal form and function

In this harsh economy you need to recession proof your income by having multiple streams of income.

Once you buy a Stem cell product and use it to see the magic of the newest technology it rejuvenated your cells and makes you look young young again in a short period of time!

You can enjoy the great healthy benefits of our stem cells…

You can be a member by buying the products at the nearest agent Worldwide at the following package prices
✅Star package = 2 stem cell packs at $128
✅supreme package =8 stem cell packs at $500
✅Super package =20 stem cell packs at $1260

When you become a member you benefit in the following ways:

✅Direct referral bonus 35%
✅binary /pairing bonus 18%
✅unilevel bonus
✅roll up bonus
✅key in bonus
✅retail bonus etc

Breakdown of the bonuses

When you refer someone as a star you earn
✅star 30$
✅supreme 140$
✅super 350$

Pairing bonus
When you refer two people you earn binary commission one on the left and another on the right.
✅2stars 18$
✅2supremes 72$
✅supers 180$

This is continuous as the people you refer keep referring other people in the business and you keep earning left and right up to infinity. We help you to learn how to build a solid business and you can grow an international business we work as a team.

For clarifications Call/WhatsApp me on 0547489948



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