For immediate release to all electronics   and prints media:  Sunday, 05/02/2017.

For immediate release to electronic and prints media in Ghana and abroad.
The race for who becomes the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Prestea Huni Valley Constituency in the regime of H.E Nana Addo Danqua Akuffo Addo is yet another important area for consideration in pursuance of development in our dear district.
According to article 243(1) of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana, “ There shall be a District Chief Executive for every district who shall be appointed by the President…..”. Furthermore, article 243(2)(c), “The District Chief Executive shall be the chief representative of the Central Government in the district”.
From the above constitutional provisions, the prerogative of who becomes the “Chief Representative of the Central Government” is the President of the Republic, H.E Nana Addo Danqua Akuffo Addo. Thus, if a District Chief Executive fails to perform his duties perfectly, the President, by inference has failed in that particular District.
Prestea Communicators for Development after several checks from Executives of the New Patriotic Party in the  Prestea Huni Valley Constituency found that, thirteen noble men presented their curriculum vitae to the NPP Constituency office declaring their intentions to be considered for the position of District Chief Executive.
They include:
1. Mr. William Derby
2. Mr. Samuel Blay
3. Mr. Ayuba Mohammed
4. Mr. Kofi Andoh-Kyei
5. Dr. Francis Kofi Big
6. Dr. Isaac Dasmani
7. Mr. Felix K. Quinoo
8. Mr. Amos Amoo
9. Mr. Lawrence E. Blay
10. Mr. Samuel Arthur
11. Mr. Mozart K. Owuh
12. Mr. Asante Bekoe
13. Mr. Isaac Y. Bimpeh
Prestea Communicators for Development, a non-partisan pressure group therefore decided to find few information about these honourable personalities. After several checks, we were able to contact some of them:

Mr. Samuel Blay is a geologist and holds first degree in Geology and currently works with Golden Star Prestea/Bogoso Ltd for the past seven years. He is pursuing his Masters in Geology. He contested the parliamentary primaries leading to election 2016 and was a member of the 2016 campaign team. He is also deputy Constituency Secretary of the NPP. He is hardworking and loyal.

Mr. Kofi Andoh-Kyei is an HND holder and organizer for Prestea Himan NPP. He worked hard for the party in the 2016 campaign.

Dr. Isaac Dasmani (PhD) is an economist and holds Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Climate and Natural Resource Economics from University of Cape Coast in joint collaboration with  University of Cape Town, South Africa. He also holds MSc in Economics of Technology from North-eastern University,  USA and MPhil in Economics from University of Cape Coast.  He contested the Parliamentary primaries in the run-up  to election 2016. He was a member of the 2016 campaign team. He is a constituency financier and provided several assistance to the constituency. He provided close to 1000-NPP branded T-shirts for 2016 Campaign. He accompanied the Parliamentary Candidate to Campaign tours  in several towns in the Constituency. He paid polling agents in his zonal area in his area and hired pick-ups on election day for easy patrol and safeguarding ballots in volatile villages. He also represented the party on Energy 93.3FM during the heat of the campaign when NDC decided to use Small Scale Mining as its flagship campaign message. He is hardworking and loyal.
Mr. Felix K.Quinoo is an Agriculturist and holds two masters degree, i.e, Masters of Philosophy in Agriculture Economics (KNUST), as well as Masters of Arts in Environmental Management and Policy (UCC). He contested the Parliamentary primaries in the run-up to election 2016. He is communication officer of NPP for the Prestea Huni Valley Constituency. He was once a District Manager of COCOBOD for Twifo Praso. He is a loyal and hardworking. He represented the party on weekly political programs on radio on Best FM, Apollo FM, Space FM etc. He defended the party in the constituency in the media. He was was once TESCON President (2003-2004) at UDS, Nyankpala Campus and became a special aide to Hon. Obbin in 2006 and Communication Officer in 2010. He was the Official collation agent in 2012 and 2016.

Mr. Amos Amoo holds a first degree certificate and is a former Constituency Secretary of the Prestea Huni Valley for NPP. He was a member of the 2016 Campaign Team. He is very hardworking and loyal
Mr. Lawrence E. Blay holds first degree in Social Sciences and Purchasing and Supply. He is currently pursuing Masters of Technology in Purchasing and Supply. He is a  Senior Staff of AEL Mining Company in Prestea. He has contested Parliamentary primaries for three consecutive times (2008,2012 and 2016). Apart from 2008, where he could not join the Campaign team because he was a final year student UCC,  he was a member of the 2012 Campaign team as well as 2016 Campaign Team. He has been a Polling Station Chairman between 2000-2004, and was once the President of Youth Wing dubbed “Young Elephant” between 2000-2004. He has helped some members in the party, especially young people in payment of their school fees.
Mr. Samuel Arthur a Pharmacist holds Masters Degree in Public Health, and currently Deputy Chief Pharmacist for Prestea Government Hospital. He contested the parliamentary primaries leading to election 2016 and is a executive member for NPP in the Prestea Huni Valley Constituency. He is very loyal and hardworking.

Mr. Mozart K. Owuh is a banker holds MBA in Human Resource as well as MBA in Management all from UCC, with first degree in Economics. He is currently the the Head of Monitoring and Compliance Unit at Fiaseman Rural Bank, Bogoso. He is a Constituency Patron of NPP, and was a member of the 2016 Constituency Campaign team. He was also Secretary of the finance Committee.

Mr. Asante Bekoe is a metallurgist and holds Masters Degree in Environmental Resource Management (KNUST), and currently a law student at GIMPA School of Law. He is a Senior Plant Superintendent at Prestea Sankofa Gold Ltd, the only state gold mining company in Prestea, Ghana. He is a patron of the NPP in Prestea Huni Valley Constituency, and a financier of the party as well. He is loyal and very hard working and supported the 2016 Campaign Team.

Mr. Isaac Y. Bimpeh is an educationist and holds two first degrees, one in Industrial Art Technology (UEW-K), and another in Guidance and Counseling (UEW-W). He taught at Ghana Secondary Technical School (GSTS) and became a headmaster. He has contested for the Parliamentary candidates for a couple of times, in 1996 and in 2016. He attended interview for D.C.E along with Hon. Ayensu. He became District Secretary for Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) for Wassa West District and later became the Metropolitan GNAT Secretary for eleven years. He has also been an Assembly Member for Aboso for eight years (1998-2002). He was a member of the Southern Constituency Sector Campaign Team and donated a Nissan Patrol Vehicle for Campaign.
In the light of the above:
1. Prestea Communicators for Development(PCD),  by this release, is wishing all our gallant men the best of luck as they avail themselves to be considered for this high public office.

  1. Prestea Communicators for Development also wants to urge the leadership of the New Patriotic Party as well as H.E Nana Addo Danqua Akuffo Addo to select his “BEST” choice who can fix the problems the district battles with. The Constituency will be disappointed if the best candidate is ignored.
  2. Prestea Communicators for Development is also appealing for calm and unity within the New Patriotic Party, because, only one of the noble men will become victors.

  3. Prestea Communicators for Development further wish all the applicants above to team up with the eventual victor to canvas for development of the district.

  4. Prestea Communicators for Development further appeals to Youth Groups, and Members of the New Patriotic Party NOT to take stands that will have the potential of dividing the party after the appointment of the DCE. They should know that Unity is Strength.

• Even though some candidates do not have their profile here, they are very qualified and professionals in their own disciplines.

• The hometown or place of residence was intentionally left out, to remove “emotional” attachment, which can lead to biasness.

• Date of the candidate joining the party was also left. All of that is to make sure fair assessment of the candidate contribution to the party and expertise he brings to bear if given the nod.

Comrade Francis Eshun


0203 961833
James Samuel Ackerson

Vice President

0241 163129

Philip Gyan (Atisco


0573 698278
Jonas Kyeremanteng


0244 777822


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