Every indivial must take fatty foods in his or her dialy life.
But taking too much fatty food will have an effect on the body.
Did you forget the saying,”too much of everything is bad”?
If No,good. But if Yes,then am reminding you. Taking in too much fat have a great effect on your body.
We eat all kind of food in the name of enjoyment,enjoying to the detriment of our health.The fact is that is not our faults.
Why am i saying “is not our fault”?
Yes is not our fault because we do not know most of the food we take in contain fat.
Most food we take in contain fat that will not show physically for we to see.
That makes it that today, most of us do not like our shape today.
But there is hope.Visit our kitchen THE FACT BURNING KITCHEN HERE and see what to eat and what not to eat.
How to make it ,and how not to make it.


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