The National Union of Ghana Students, NUGS, brings its warmest regards from its National Secretariat to you. We are duly satisfied of our lawful right of participation in the National discourse on education and the essential role education the vehicle of education must play in building healthy livelihoods in our economy. The Union has convened this conference to address the following issues;

➖The Fraudulent representation of NUGS at the 2016 Elective Congress of the All Africa Students Union, AASU, underway in Sudan, Khartoum.

The urgent need for the coinage of a law to curb truancy. 

 We are duly satisfied of our lawful right of our lawful right of participation in the ongoing All Africa Students Union, AASU, Elective Congress and the responsibility of the AASU Secretariat to facilitate our participation. NUGS subsequently is mindful of the obligations imposed on all players in our continental students’ movement to attend the indivisibilities of fairness and justness in administering public functions leading to this historic Congress. 

We view the sacredness of AASU’s Elective Congress as a platform to renew our unyielding commitment to the tenets of a new Africa built on communal responsibility, solidarity, conscience, and the outward respect for public laws. This is the very reason why the vehicle of the continental students’ movement, AASU, must be seen to observe such undying virtues within its own fabric especially as regards the conduct of its internal affairs. 
We vehemently bring to your reasonable notice these very salient information; 

That the National Union of Ghana Students is a very civilized organization with well entrenched rules of interactions crafted into a comprehensive 2007 promulgated constitution. The Constitution of NUGS spells articulately and carefully the mechanisms of dispute resolutions through a judicial process and painstakingly process of elections of its National officers beginning with nominations, vetting and finally ending with elections by the delegates of its Annual Residential Congress. The National Union of Ghana Students respectfully asks the actors within its confederate mother Union to eschew parochialism in their line of duty. 
We recognize attempts by the officers within the Secretariat, sadly though, to frustrate the legitimate attendance of the National Union of Ghana Students to this year’s elective Congress. This wild effrontery has been staged by the presentation of visa fraudulently to an imposters of NUGS, one LUQMAN ABUBAKR, to represent NUGS and the deliberate denial of Visa to the NUGS’ National officers to attend this forum in Khartoum, Sudan.
We therefore communicate to the public the following measures taken by the National Union of Ghana Students 
Immediately, Mr Fred Awah, of the University of Professional Studies, who was elected to be the Secretary General of the All Africa Students Union has been redrawn by the National Union of Ghana Students as our representative to the All Africa Students Union therefore subsequently removed from office as the Secretary General.   The General public is therefore not to extend to him any courtesies deserved of that office.

We state emphatically that it is the opinion of the National Union of Ghana Students that the Elective Congress of AASU underway in Sudan is illegitimate and its outcome would not recognized by NUGS until the ills are rectified. 

    The National Union of Ghana Students argues that the intention of the framers of the constitution to grant an uninhibited minimum of a basic education to the Ghanaian citizens needs to be realized. The lives of the Ghanaian people are undoubtedly bettered with the incentive of education. We contend that there should exist no discretion for parents to either take their wards to school or not. The Country must therefore mobilize its powers to put into passage a legislation that mandates all Ghanaian children to comply to being in school, a disregard of these must be accompanied by penalties paid for by parents of these wards.
We intend as a national students union to mobilize the right conversation on education this NUGS Year!!! NUGS Rises.


(Press and Information Secretary) 


(Coordinating Secretary)

(0573078901 / 0549713344) 

(President, National Union of Ghana Students)



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