Do I have any regrets voting for continuity? Proudly NO, why should I? Despite the challenges facing the Ghanaian economy today, am proud that the NDC governments of Late Professor Mill and JDM have taken Ghana higher, in fact highest and generations yet unborn shall mention their names like my 4 & 6 year old daughters exclaim happily when I respond to their question ” who built Tema, Akosombo etc, as Kwame Nkrumah so would their children ask who built the all new Saglemi Township 
Why should I not be proud? I am because the NDC has positioned Ghana better evidently as stated below but a few; 

1. 4 new regional hospitals

2. 3 new institutional hospitals

3. 48 new district hospitals

4. 100s clinics, polyclinics, health centres

5. 1800+ CHPS Compounds

1. Removal 3000+ basic schools under tress

2. Ending decades old shift system in public schools

3. Increased beneficiaries of UN initiated school feeding programme from 984 basic schools to over 5000 schools

4 Established 123 new SHS, (70 delivered)

5.BECE re-sit program

6. Complete upgrading existing 20 technical schools.

7. Converting 8 poytechnics to technical universities.

8. 24 new nursing and midwifery Colleges

9. Adopting of several existing teacher training colleges

10. Establishing 3 new public universities ( 2 operational)

Increased access to potable water by 21% from 52% in 2009 to 73% in 2016

1. Over 1000 megawatt of direct and indirect government investment.

2.Increased electricity access by 32% from 54% to 86% between 2009 and 2016.

Over 28,000 of new and remade roads including interchanges, bridges

1. Expanded Takoradi port

2. Commenced Tema harbour expansion ($1billion)

3. New Atuabo Seaport (PPP)

4. Several landing beaches

1.Upgrading of Kumasi Airport (1st & 2nd phase)

2. Upgrade of Tamale Airport

3. New Terminal in Kotoka Airport

4. Commercialization of existing Wa and Bolga Airports

5. New Ho Airport ( aerodrome) 

1. Several new water vehicles

2. Revived almost dead Metro Mass transport

3. New Rapid Mass Transport ( Ayalolo)

4.Revived State Transport (STC)

1. Several SSNIT funded housing projects (delivered)

2. The all new Saglemi Township (5000 delivered housing units) first phase

1. Cape Coast Kotorukraba Market

2. Kumasi Kejetia Market redevelopment project.

3. New markets in all regional capitals

1. Accra Hockey Stadium

2. Cape Coast stadium

3. Sports Complex ( Emporium)- boxing arena funded by SSNIT

1.All executed jobs provided manual jobs for trained artisans.

2. The Accra Digital Centre expected to provide 10,000

3. 0ver 400000 YES enabled jobs

1.Kumasi Shoe Factory

2. Komenda Sugar Factory

3. Shea Processing Factories

4.Several other public private partnership companies.
Not to bore you further, yes, am a proud believer in the JM continuity agenda because as Ghana was pronounced a  lower middle income country in 2011 at the time we were obviously unprepared, we had to “paddle our own canoe” because we are no longer a candidate for long-term concession loan with grant elements aside losing huge annual budgetary support from our soo called development partners which hitherto contributed average 30% to annual budget as a country.
Alternatively, in the face of declining crude oil (new gold) prices and unfavourable global market prices for our exports, we needed to cut expenditures by removing subsidies, allowances etc, raise revenue through other sources while improving our infrastructure to meet the growing competition from our neighbours (ports, railway)
Yes, I choose JM because he took the hard decisions despite the threat of losing power. 
Why do I believe Ghana has lost, it is my believe not because I hate Nana Addo, the President elect, neither do I hate the NPP but we have lived under their government. It is true that the sins of the father must not be visited on the son but the first NPP government came into power on the back of promises such as “converting all chop bars to modern restaurants” how ridiculous but Ghanaians bought into just like we have bought into the promise of an NPP government providing 1 district 1 factory which has changed to a private sector program.
The NPP sold a message of hopelessness to Ghanaians who ignorantly or blindly or both bought.
Let me not bore you further but just to mention that Ghana our beloved country is a shiny star amongst her peers (refer to UNDP data on human development index)amongst the highest par capital access to potable water, electricity, health services, roads, education, security, etc etc, in much of Africa.
Ghana, your Ghana, my Ghana, the second largest economy in West Africa is not HOPELESS, she is a challenged growing CHILD who is meandering her way to greater HIGHEST.
It is my prayer that vindictiveness does not cause destruction to her soul for the sake of generation yet unborn.
All Ghanaians who have fallen for the “empty hope” be patient while awaiting your BLUE HOPE.
My Comrades who supported the JM DREAM, we have a good story to tell our children, grand children and great grand children.



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