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Elections are not just conducted for a mere reason of citizens to be enfranchised, but to enable them vote for deserving or right leaders. Our(V3MAPP) definition of a right leader is one who has the plight of the people at heart.
When teachers are dying, taking pre-mature loans, deferring their courses, weeding to feed themselves, and are unable to foot their rent, hospital bills,utility bills etc. despite several come-to-our-aid calls, just because a country who calls herself a repulic is unable to pay it’s workers, and you hear some so-called government officials defending the mess they have created, the only clue it gives is so clear that you can easily conclude that they are not the right leaders.
When the president who has oversight responsibility over everything that goes on in the country, and is also responsible for supervising the appointment of officials of GES who are suppose to foward our documents to Audit service for validation ,and Finance Minister who gives orders to effect the payment of our arrears ,and it has to take them more than three years to do so, then you don’t need to wait a second to come to realize that “By their fruits, we shall know them” is artificially and naturally applicable.


In situations like this, we will not be suprised to see or hear some uncaring beings who will quickly come out to do their usual propaganda with this issue. Inspite of such expected political gimmicks that may come from some stomach politicians, we won’t let such intimidations bar us from exercising our freedom of speech and expression. Therefore we members of V3MAPP with our friends and family call on all well meaning Ghanaians, and everyone who have love for this country to kick John Mahama out of the seat of government.
The spate of injustice on teachers under this government is becoming too much. Hence we are not just calling on everyone to vote against JM, we are also going to court to contest our case. Until justice is given us, we shall forever educate the next generation that freedom and Justice under the coat of arms of Ghana is just a mere slogan.
Our kind of democracy may not permit us to voice out all the rot and carcass the teacher-unfriendly policies implemented under Mahama-led’s NDC have brought about. We know that this shameful acts wouldn’t have been experienced if our colleague teacher and friend, J.E A. Mills of blessed memory was still alive. We will not keep quiet and suffer because people will say we are politicizing our issue. As a result of that, we are by this release equidistanting ourselves from all political parties in Ghana except that Mahama should be voted out.  We are ready to voluntarily act as serial callers, educating, complaining and discouraging floating voters and all eligible voter to vote out Mahama starting from the classroom. 
We will not hesitate to openly without fear or favour declare our support for any opposition political party who is ready to end this menace by supporting us contest our case at the law court and also pledge to pay all outstanding arrears. We will advice ourselves accordingly depending on how fast the “accounting to the people tour caucus” will address our concerns.
Our advice to confused Alex Ofori Acheampong (GNAT General Secretary) is that, if he has any better recommendations for GES, it should be focused on swift payment of teachers salaries. Anything apart from that is meaningless, we see such as sugar-coated words which is normally meant to win favour from higher authorities. 
Which or what money does he want us to use to further the so-called education for which reason he was recommending two semesters in place of three terms in basic schools?
We have gone past the years of slavery, we are not ready to be position or idol worshippers. You don’t expect us to clap for you for using three years to pay about 13,000 out of 60000+ teachers. The truth still remains the truth no matter the threats and intimidations.
All professionals can boast but the teacher taught them all” is not food or wages, it is just meant to intrinsically motivate us. We need extrinsic motivation as well, teachers as we are also deserve the best in life.

Owusu Baffoe Daniel



1. Osei-Tutu Emmanuel

2. Isaac Ofori

3. Dzadey Micheal

4. Nana Aidoo

5. Elizabeth Anim

6. Israel Acheampong


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