Our attention has been drawn to a write up by UHAS SRC FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON popularly known as Bengalaxy which is circulating on social media, in which the University Administration is purported to have informed the Representatives of the SRC that the government does not support the University of Health and Allied Sciences, hence it is the reason why there is an increment in the 2016/2017 Academic year’s  fees. 
*”Here administration came point blank that government gives big zero support to the University”.* — SRC Finance Committee Chairperson. 

To us, the said write up is not only false and malicious, but an imaginary piece of fictional writing intended to pitch our hardworking President and his indefatigable Ministers and the Executives of the great NDC who laid down their lives to make UHAS a reality. 
We are however scandalized that a sensitive body such as an SRC Finance Committee  could render their own version of what transpired at a meeting with the University administration.
Therefore, It has become necessary for UHAS TEIN, the intellectual youth wing of the great NDC to draw the attention of the entire student body on some of the supports and developmental projects on campus as a result of the NDC government initiative. 
As a matter of fact, the NDC government has reciprocated the people of Volta kind gesture by establishing UHAS. President Mahama has embarked on numerous infrastructure projects in UHAS, notable among them is the establishment of the new site at Sokode. The government is also constructing one of the biggest Auditorium in West Africa for the University at the permanent site, Sokode. With regards to multi-campus system, The government is also putting up infrastructure at places such as Hohoe and Keta.
The government has also provided the University with logistics such as Vehicles and etc to help the University authorities in the discharge of their duties.
In 2012, during the matriculation of the pioneering year group, the government donated about GHC1,000 000 to the University Authorities to kick start its initiatives. The government even promised to do more to ensure a rapid growth and development of the University. 
During the second Semester of the 2015/2016 academic year in one of the programmes organised by the SRC, the Deputy Minister for Education (Tertiary), Hon. Samuel Okudjato Ablakwa was invited as a guest speaker. 

During the Registrar’s remarks at the program, she recommended the government for the swift response anytime the University calls upon. She also urged the Deputy Minister for Education to continue his good works. 
It is sickening for any naive student intending to impress his/her paymasters to say that the government offers Zero support to the University.
We urge the entire students and the  general  public to disregarded the false write up and treat it with the needed contempt it deserves. 
The executives of UHAS TEIN are solidly behind the government and will trumpet his good works on campus and beyond. No amount of lies and fabrications from detractors will take our eyes off the ultimate prize. 
We expect nothing less than a retraction and apology from the Chair of the SRC Finance Committee  if he really appreciate the basic tenets of student leadership and want to be treated as a serious person. His false write up has dented the image of our President and has brought his name into public odium and we cannot watch on while some students shamefully throw mud at our President.
As an intellectual youth wing of the great NDC, we shall proceed to take legal actions against anyone who wants to bring disrepute or tarnish the image of our Presidential Candidate,  His Excellency John Dramani Mahama.

Long live Mother Ghana!!!
Long live the great NDC !!!
Long live UHAS TEIN!!!
Ibrahim S. Emmanuel 
President ( UHAS TEIN, Ho)

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