These are Ghanaian government workers predominantly teachers who have come together from the length and breath of the country to form a coalition to boldly champion a common course on the basis of telling the Ghanaian people the truth towards securing a better future for all.
Our message to Ghanaians as they go to the polls this year is very simple and straightforward.  


It is basically about the salaries and the purchasing power of the Ghanaian government worker, thus, government’s impact on the economic life of its workers or employees over the years.
Critical study and Comparison of payslips clearly shows that teachers can now afford to buy or own more than they could 8 years ago at the same rank CONTRARY to what is been mischievously championed out there by some previlleged Ghanaians whose voices are heard on the airwaves, only to incite the innocent, the ignorant, the less- educated, the floating or new voters against this present government.
These claims are illustrated by the examples below:

Take home salary (disposable income) of a new or yet to be promoted diploma teacher(Snr.Supt 2) was approximately 250cedis (247cedis specifically) in December 2008, meanwhile the price of a bag of cement at the time was averagely 10cds. The teacher with the same rank today takes home 1100 cedis (1087cedis specifically) as at Jan 2016. Meanwhile, cost of cement today is averagely 30 cedis.

As a result of these, a teacher who could afford 25 bags of cement presumably with all his disposable income then, can now afford 36 bags on the same rank.
Example 2

A tin of ideal milk (small size) was 90 pesewas but it’s now been sold at 2.5 cedis, which means, this rank could enable the teacher afford 277 tins of ideal milk in 2008 but 440 tins now. 
Example 3

A gallon of petrol in 2008 was 5.3 cedis and now 16.2 cedis meaning the teacher could only buy 47gallons of petrol then, but 67gallons now.
Example 4

A Flatron LG 21inch Television in 2008 was 228 cedis, so the teacher at the time could buy only one which means that you have to sacrifice virtually a whole month’s net income to get a TV set. It is not the same situation now, rather the employee at same rank today can buy two of such TV sets and even get extra money for his up keep even though the price of the television has shot up to almost 400 cedis now.
There are several other examples and illustrations to this effect, spanning from food items to gadgets, basic appliances as well as service charges.
The reality here is that, this NDC government in any way has NOT worsened the plight of the Ghanaian government worker as we are being made to believe  by sections of the public just to score cheap political points but it has rather improved tremendously upon what it came to meet in 2009.
In conclusion, the group wish to state clearly that we are NOT saying all is rosy and we do NOT also seem to suggest we are absolutely content with our salaries but like Oliver Twist, we will always ask for more. Our point however is that, with regards to the purchasing power of workers, this government has done a lot and therefore can be trusted and relied upon to do more especially when compared to the previous governments. 
We therefore urge all well meaning Ghanaians and voters to show appreciation, be optimistic and rally behind the government which has shown the zeal to improve the living standards of its citizenry despite challenges and let’s also be mindful of the fact that, it is ONLY this government that would solve the economic volatilities and difficulties we are facing as a country because it has no excuse UNLIKE the one who is seeking to take over.              A word to the wise…..   Thank you!!









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