Dr Bernice Adiku Heloo



The attention of the core supporting team of Dr. Bernice Heloo, MP for Hohoe Constituency and deputy minister for science,technology and innovation has been drawn to some unfettered statements making rounds in the social media  which we believe is divisive and sentimentally misplaced pronouncements, in an attempt to derogate and throw dust into the eyes of the good people in the constituency,this we  believed to have come from her contenders which must be vehemently condemned by all.
The confidence reposed in Dr Bernice Heloo during the primaries was a clear indication of her down to earth work with the grassroots.
Her entire constituency is behind her and any attempt to recruit stooges from within and outside would be met with equal measures.

Fellow comrades, it is high time we do all it takes to secure and maintain more Parliamentary seats to biff up the strength and support the course of women  of the NDC party in parliament.The only government to transform Ghana and the lives of her Citizens is the Mahama led administration which we must collectively support to win this election come November 7th 2016.

The members of the great NDC should under no circumstances allow sentiments in the past continue to propel itself as well as define their thoughts that is leading to the level of fueling divisiveness and of course arming the enemy with lethal weaponry  which will in the near future can be poisonous against us.

We will like to encourage all NDC members in the constituency and beyond to strive to catapult their strength and talents in developing strategies that will lead to the crippling of the NPP which appears our commonest rivalry. It is no doubt that this elections is going to be keenly contested hence there is no need of any form of internal mishaps.

We will like to state that, in as much as all aspirants qualified in their various capacities to contest the just ended primaries, it is  equally respectful that we admit in perpetual terms the choices made by the delegates as supreme and hence we have no reason whatsoever to remain individualistic, instead come together in a united manner to win this seat for more development and a strong parliament for the second term of JDM.

It is our hope that the NDC remains focused, united and vibrant towards the fulfilment of the social contract with the good people of this Nation mother Ghana.

Dr. Bernice has been chosen by the good people of Hohoe constituency ultimately as the representative of the NDC for the incoming general elections, thus the onus relays in all and sundry of the NDC to contributing positively for a more secured and safe seat as before.
We have no doubt in any form that the true people of Hohoe constituency will massively vote the NDC again in an increased manner as a sign of gratitude for the good work done. Thank you all.

Long live JDM
Long live the NDC and Long live  Ghana
Diplomatic Mobarak
Past TEIN and SRC president,FRANCO
Abdul Hakeem  Balogul
Past Ho poly TEIN president

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