The long health of this country requires that we free our minds from inferiority complex imposed on us by the struggle of ethnic dominance and the quest for ethnic superiority. We must exorcised the ghost of inferiority and recognize that we are not the children of a lesser god. This is supposed to be the land of the upright people who still have in their history museum, the struggle for the unity, progress and liberation, through the democratic structures as fought for by our founding Fathers. Justice must not be sold but must be served freely and protected. We present to you the truth that has been trampled upon all this years and the gravest crime ever committed on a Ghanaian. It is sad in this country that we canonize great and renowned thieves and demonize the innocent citizens because our conscience have been bought by these great thieves. Let’s delve into this matter as we educate our minds and call for justice now.


This stage involves H.E consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome and Vamed who bided for the project to build stadia, accident and emergency Centre, national SPA, health centres, etc. for the country. As part of the bid condition, successful bidders must prove successful funding process for government to procure. In the funding process, government identified H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome and Vamed and introduce them to the bank of Austria, the lead bank in the consortium. At the end they were successful  with which the finance committee formed okayed and thumps up the finance structure of Vamed and H.E Alfred Agbesi Woyome which indicated raising of about 1.2 billion Euros which would have catapulted Ghana into a different level of infrastructure and job creation. The second committee, the technical committee also Okayed the drawings and structure designs of the projects. As a result the central tender committee issued a concurrent approval indicating ascertainment of bid; in this case Vamed adjudged the winner and a letter of approval was addressed by the sector minister/ministry sponsoring thus former ministry of education, youth and sports which was headed by Hon. Osafo Marfo. At this stage where bid is served to be ascertain, our procurement law forbids any party to withdraw or change its mind (section 65 of the procurement law). This concurrent approval means all other parties in the bid process should have gone to consummate an agreement. They were under total obligation not ought to withdraw as law demands. However, the government (under ex-president Kuffour) hurriedly organized a cabinet meeting at Akosombo which was chaired by ex- president kuffour and at that cabinet meeting, the decision was taken to cancelled the bid unlawfully on the basis that VAMED’s prices were high. The decision later was taken to perpetuate the biggest crime on Ghanaians by bringing in Shanghai group from China which never participated in the bid or neither expressed interest nor contract handed over to them on a silver platter because they believed their contract was going to be cheaper. At this juncture we employ Ghanaians to compare the price of vamed and Shanghai Company to see the level of crime committed against this country. It should be on record that the minister that sponsored the bid opposed the idea and issued a cabinet memo which indicated to cabinet if they go that line they would have infringe on the laws of this country but that was not heeded to. Again, H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome spent money to engage the services of consultants and experts in European countries to raise the finance to the tune of about 1.2billion Euros. Normally for any such transactions, he is entitled to take a percentage of the total amount raised which is normally called arrangement fee.


After the abrogation and cancellation of the bid in the first scenario, Vamed handed over all its interest to Waterville, a subcontractor of vamed in the structural arrangement. On the same contract, Waterville was invited by government and offered two stadia to build; that is Baba yara in Kumasi and Ohene Djan in Accra was signed. A contract to that effect was signed by Waterville holding (BVI) and Ghana government. In this contract H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome was not involved. However the private entity still needed Alfred’s assistance to raise money for the two projects as required by contract for Waterville holding (BVI) to raise its own money to do the job. So Waterville Holding went ahead and engaged H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome privately and did just that by organizing money for Waterville and government from a US bank. Then suddenly, there was another abrogation and Waterville’s contract was cancelled by government (under ex-president Kuffour). Later on when Waterville pressed on for compensation from government to be paid it, and eventually was successful in getting a compensation from government for wrongful termination of contract. Waterville was also under contract to pay H.E consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome for the work done him privately by organizing money from the US, which they did.


After abrogation H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome had got an international lawyer, Collins Russel of England who wrote on behalf of Alfred to president Kuffour in breach of contract and demanded restoration or compensation. H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s push for his money started at the NPP regime and not as portray by the media. He continued to go to court after change of government and also did not take advantage of the government of the day to get paid. It was this era he was offered a judgment debt of over 100 million Ghana cedis but because he was not interested and cheap money, he presented actual figures showing his indebtedness to various entities and individuals who worked to raise the money and never got paid by him so he paid everybody with a compromised 51 million Ghana cedis and dashed the rest to government. At this point we would want every Ghanaian to get both the high court and appeals court judgment and appreciate the facts


Martin Amidu was in Supreme Court requesting article 181 of the constitution to be interpreted against the Waterville Company that was signed with Ghana government to construct Baba yara and Ohene Djan stadium. With reference to scenario two of this report, H.E Consul Alfred Agbesi Woyome was never linked to the contract (between government and Waterville) and neither was he paid his 51 million based on that contract. It was totally wrong to link him to that contract, so he went to court based on the first scenario. So clearly the Supreme Court erred or make a grievous mistake in linking him to that. So in effect, the Waterville contract in the second scenario and the bid and the bid process in the first scenario are two different situations that must never cross each other. The call for him to payback even though has been the judgment of the Supreme Court must be held in abeyance in our view for Ghanaians to search their conscience to know if justice has been served. The Attorney General should take a cue and we edge all Ghanaians to read the appeals court judgment which reveals everything for them to appraise. We refer all to read the first Supreme Court ruling on Martin Amidu’s case whose panel was led by Prof. Samuel Kofi Date Bah before his retirement from the bench and the book he wrote (REFLECTIONS ON THE SUPREME COURT OF GHANA). This can be found on page 127 to 130 of Prof. Date Bah’s book.


1. What happened to the interim report by EOCO? We need EOCO to furnish Ghanaians with the full and final report upon which He was arrested. For over five years now what is the EOCO doing and would not complete its report? Is this one of the abusive use of state institution to suppress innocent people? EOCO we need the full report.
2. What happened to the Auditor general’s report, report of 2011?
3. Upon what premise is the ‘Minister of injustice and Attorney General’ implementing what she seem to be fighting?
4.Who caused this colossal financial loss and criminality on this country? You terminate contracts unlawfully because somebody doing part of the contract is not one of you or does not belongs to your party?
5. Why is the Supreme Court that did the review silent on the issues raised in the first ruling led by Prof. Date Bah? It is remarkable that with all the unnecessary political tension, he rise beyond reproach in giving justice. We doff our hat to Prof. Date Bah for upholding the rule of law and the integrity of the Supreme Court when he was at the bench.

The NPP government and their cronies, who is corrupt than H.E John Dramani Mahama? This I leave with the general public to judge. At this juncture we are calling on the President of the republic to advice his minister to protect justice. Remember not to be a decoy of any political injustice but a true commandant of progressive development.


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  1. sampson kpodo says:

    This AG and npp people must go to jail. God is watching them


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