It is very good to always remember where we are coming from and where we are heading towards.

The Volta territory was first known as a British Togoland formed after a partition of Togoland on December 27, 1916. During the world first war, the British and the French forces dreadfully occupied Togoland and after the war, on July 20, 1922 the League of Nations which was what represented the modern United Nations of today, gave its mandate to formally transfer control to the British Togoland to the United Kingdom.

After the Second World War the mandate became a United Nation trust territory administered by the United Kingdom. During the mandate and the trusteeship period, the British Togoland was administered as part of the adjoining territory of the Gold Coast, under the name of Trans Volta Togoland (TVT).

In 1954, the British government informed the United Nation that it would be unable to administer the trust territory after Ghanaian independence.
In response in 1955, the United Nation general assembly passed a resolution advising the British government to hold a plebiscite on the future of British Togoland.
On May 9, 1956, before independence, this election was held under the United Nation supervision and (58%) of registered voters opted for formal integration into independence Gold Coast.

On Wednesday December 13, 1956 this unification was put into effect, creating a single entity that became the new independent nation of Ghana on March 6 of the following year. (Source: Wikipedia and other lexical source).    

Since the election, there has been vocal opposition to the incorporation of Togoland into modern Ghana from the Ewe people voted (42%) against the British Togoland, the Ewe people wanted the unification of the Ewe people in British Togoland and the French Togoland as a separate Ewe state (Modern Togoland). To this effects, it has always been said and alleged by others that delegates were responsible to have chosen to be paid of the Gold Coast, which some of the leaders and chiefs of Volta played influential role.
Ever since, Volta Region has not been able to sustain its stability in the area of development which has been slowing down due to the fact that leaders take the region for granted. The truth and integrity has failed to prevail in the Volta Region. These form of attitudes has continued till this very moment where by corrupt practices has led to under development of the Region. Most Voltaian in Ghana hold key and important position but have failed to make sure the Region moves ahead instead, prefer to have companies, Hotels in Dubai. Some have ships to themselves which doesn’t contribute to the economic development of the Region and in respect to Jobs for the youths and other social benefits. That is why many feel threatened if should Nana Addo comes to power.
Another critical issue that has led to our current predicament is the issue of pull him Down syndrome.  The benevolent one and the hard working ones must not be allowed to do right is what some people take delight in. Any good fellow who wish to help in attainment of development must be faced with the pull him down attitude. These phenomenon has led to a situation whereby most from Volta change their identity and will never return home to contribute to the economic and socio cultural development of the Region because of the syndrome. Some even feel shy to speak the language. The youths who are rather thinking of bringing innovations to the system becomes threat to some leaders and are hunted and targeted instead of utilizing their potentials and capabilities. Its time for a new direction the people of Volta.
Our struggle has now reached a defining moment where we all must stand together to win the war against these forms of attitude and corrupt practices of leadership in the region.
As youths of this present generation, we must not allow anyone to turn us around. We have a good course and the gracious God is on our side, the youths agenda is not having share in government but until they put the people in that liberty as I say they will never enjoy themselves.

I have delivered my conscience, I pray to God that you do take those course that are best for the good of the region and your own salvation.

It is time for a new direction,

It is time we stop to planing against our upcoming generous and promosing youth leaders,

It is time we rid out corrupt practices in Volta Region.

It is time we stop the pull him down attitude against the good Volta leaders, and help our own to be the next president after JM or Vice president.

AKEEM (0248953356).

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