27TH JUNE 2016


“We(NDC) will accommodate every criticism -truthful and fair cristism but what we must not allow in our body politics is presentation of lies as facts” -KOFI ADAMS

Over the weekend we were blessed to have Mr Kofi Adams and his colleagues from the national level to grace our inauguration ceremony.

The member of parliament for Abuakwa South constituency Hon. Samuel Atta- Akyea had visited our colleague Tescon members earlier on. I was there to listen to him myself. Indeed the NDC’s name was tarnished. I couldn’t believe my ears after listening to this man. According to him, the NDC stole moneys in the year 2012. He also said the moneys which were supposed to be given to Savannah Accelerated Development Authority  in the year 2000 were rather used by the NDC to buy vote. Again he said…” If you are wise you will not grow plant in the hamarthan season”. One contradictory statement he made was when he said SADA money was used by the NDC to travel to Dubai , Turkey to enjoy.

Thank God almighty Mr. Kofi Adams was right there to rescue Ghanaians from  lies from Hon Atta Akyea. Mr. Adams agreed to the fact that the NDC will accept every fair and truthful criticism from others but we won’t accept lies and propaganda from the NPP anymore. That era of politics has passed.

He said Atta Akyea can’t deceive Ghanaians that SADA money was used to buy votes in the year 2000 and at the same time say that same money was used to visit Dabai and Turkey just    
to enjoy. It is only people who don’t have good messages for the ordinary Ghanaian will say this.

As an agricultural student, Mr. Kofi Adams explained why someone will plant trees in the dry season. He said there are certain species of plant which can’t do well in the wet season but rather in the dry season or later part of the dry season so that when the rains begin they can survive even when there’s so much rain. People who plant such trees rely on the climate. When he predicts rain in say two months time and there’s no rain, who do we blame then?. Is it climate failure?

The NPP is noted for deception and concrete reasons can back this. In the year 2000, H.E J. J Rawlings was the president and for that matter the NDC was in power at that time. A gallon of petrol was sold at 6300 cedis (63 pesewas new currency). The NPP as usual carried a message across the length and breadth of this nation saying petro was too expensive as at the year 2000. Drivers bought into that message. The believed these liars. In the year 2001 when NPP took office, their first action was to increase petrol from 6300 cedis (old currency) to 11200 cedis (old currency). It was too late for drivers to go back to the Electoral Commission to retrieve their votes. The deceived the whole Nation as well.

In that same year 2000, the Ghana Education Service declared 8000 vacancies in schools and subjects without teachers. Prof J.E Mills who was the vice president and the flag bearer at the time spoke to the youth to take the teaching profession serious. As a teacher himself, he thought it wise to spread this gospel to our youth to fill the vacancies and also avoid the huge number of unemployed graduates but the NPP  interrupted and deceived us again. They even went further to organize adverts on radio and television stations. The rhyme of the advert  was ” the professor say we mogo teach, na teaching be job”?. According to them in the year 2000 teaching wasn’t a job but they are here today promising teachers of a better conditions of service when given the mandate.

In the year 1996 the parliamentary candidate for Abuakwa Central constituency was Hon Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo. He promised the people of Kyebi that when he assumes office as the member of parliament for the constituency he will    lobby for factories in and around Kyebi. He even went about demarcating sites for the construction of the factories. No single factory was constructed in  Abuakwa South and Abuakwa South as he was an MP for 12 years. Today those sites demarcated for the construction of factories are pits used for illegal mining popularly called Galamsey.

For how long will Ghanaians be deceived. We tired of empty promises and lies. We won’t sit down for them to deceive us anymore. The message is simple, we won’t sit down to be deceived again. No!.

We(students and Ghanaians) were fortunate to have Mr. Kofi Adams to expose Lawyer Samuel Atta Akyea’s lies and false message to the students during our inauguration ceremony over the weekend. Lies can’t win presidency. Lies can’t win  power. If we allow lies to eat into our body politics and destroy this nation as a result of that, then we should bear in mind that posterity will surely judge us one day. Lets put Ghana first and stop lies.

Tertiary Education Institutions Network (TEIN)- KPCE chapter

Ekow Paintsil Djan
G. Secretary

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