The Credibility of Ghana’s voters register became the main issue after the verdict of the 2012 election petition case that went on at the supreme court for 8 month.

During that trial, the then chairman and principal witness of the electoral commission Dr Afari Gyan made it known to the highest court of the land that the provisional figure of 13 million plus names the commission came out with after the biometric registration exercise in 2012 and said the ec were going to clean the register, suddenly went to 14 million plus because the Ec went and registered some over 250,000 overseas Ghanaians living abroad.

The revelation by Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan the then chairman of the Ec made the supreme court Justice’s to order the ec for further and better particulars of those Ghanaians they registered abroad. Though the election petition case is over, the electoral commission is still yet to provide to the highest court of the land the names they claim to have registered abroad.

All these over 250,000 ghost names are in our voters register going into the 2016 election, not to talk of the number of foreigners, minors, dead people and the recent supreme court ruling on those registered with NHIS card as unconstitutional.
As Alliance for Npp governance, we know to every peaceful election lies a credible voters register and therefore our humbly pleading to the electoral commission to consider doing a credible new voters register for the 2016 election knowing it is the only way for the ec to restore the public’s confidence back to our voters register.

Alliance finds the need to join the debate and the continues calls by some political parties, civil societies, and most of our well meaning Ghanaians on the need for the Ec to do a new and credible voters register for the 2016 election. All the parties and stake holders involved in our elections including the supreme court of Ghana do accept the fact that the voters register is not reasonable accurate. They all agree to the fact that our voters register is bloated and therefore the need for a credible one.

As a pro-NPP research, advocacy and pressure group, we believe the Ec doing a new credible voters register by resorting to their own five(5) member panel report and implementing the validation recommendation’s thereof will give Ghana the credible voters register we needed for the 2016 election. The earlier the electoral commission accept this BARE FACT, the better for us as a Nation. The posture of the electoral commission in getting a credible voters register for the 2016 election calls for concern for us in Western Alliance.

Western Alliance is deeply worried about the electoral commission given the nation a reasonable accurate voters register for the 2016 election. It barely six(6) month to election and yet the electoral commission hasn’t done anything about the bloated voters register which is the heart to every peaceful election in the world. Alliance is tempted to believe the ec is working in bad faith, observing the stance taken by the ec on the recent supreme court ruling on those who registered with NHIS cards as unconstitutional.
The deliberate attempt by the ec to even misinterpret the orders of the highest court as not to delete those who registered with NHIS cards shows how these NHIS registrant were registered plenty in the strong holds of the ruling NDC party during the 2012 registration exercise.

The constant opposition by the Ec not to delete these NHIS holders on the voters register is because the NDC party will be affected more than any other political party in the country. If this is not so, then what is the reason behind the ec opposing the supreme court ruling ordering them to delete those who registered with the NHIS cards and giving them the chance to register again? If truly the Ec is working in Good faith, then why are they rejecting every good suggestion that will ensure Ghana get a reasonable voters register for the 2016 Polls.?
The electoral commission first of all rejected their own five member panel report which gave a clear resolution to the issues surrounding the credibility of our voters register which Alliance was fully in support off those Report and later the supreme court Orders.

The Ghana Statistical Service 2010 census put the final figure of ADULT Population ages 15-95years plus as 13,787,022. This means those who must vote in Ghana should not be above this figure. Yet in 2012 election, the electoral commission gave the total voter registered as 14,038,000 which is more than the estimated number of people eligible to vote in Ghana according to the Ghana Statistical Service census report. The continues entrenched position by the electoral commission in insisting on using the exhibition exercise for cleaning up the voters register which has been describe by their own five member panel report as NOT a VIABLE approach in given Ghana the needed credible voters register must be a worrying concern for all well meaning Ghanaians.

W.A really believes aside the supreme court ruling ordering the ec to delete the Nhis cards registrant on the voters register and given them the chance to register again to get the accurate register needed, the other option for the ec to use in deleting the Minors, the Dead, and the 250,000 plus ghost names the commission claim to registered abroad is to implement the validation recommendation in their panel report.

Alliance is of the view that the validation process recommended by the ec panel report is the only reasonable and costless approach in getting Ghana the new and Credible voters register needed for the 2016 Polls than doing a flesh one. We are therefore humbly calling on the ec to do what is right by implementing their own panel report done with the Tax payers money since it is the Best alternative in resolving our bloated voter register brouhaha.

Whiles we congratulate the Supreme Court for taken up this voters register matter themselves, we also thank the Christian Council for their recent call on the electoral commission to do something about the credibility of our voters register.

Western Alliance end by also calling on the Muslim Council, the Traditional Council, The National House of Chief’s and the Peace Council to also call the electoral commission to fasting their process of ensuring Ghana get a credible voters register for the 2016 election, knowing time is of the essence.

Western Alliance will be living in fools Paradise to be thinking all is well with our electoral process(Voters Register) going into the 2016 polls with just six month left.

We finally end with a Quote from Nana Akufo Addo which says: “Securing our Future means safeguarding our Democracy by securing the Integrity of our Election; that is why we must all support Electoral Reforms, which even the Majority of the Supreme Court Advocated”.

And the question Alliance ask is whether these Electoral Reforms has been Achieved after the 2012 election Petition Verdict.?
Ghana is yet to Know in the 2016 Polls.!

#Still The Battle Is The Lords.!

Long Live GHANA.!
Long Live The NPP.!!
And Long Live The WESTERN ALLIANCE.!!!

Raymond Asare
Director of operations.

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