We listened with great embarrassment comments of Mr Kwamena Duncan that predicted a dead end situation for the newly inaugurated Komenda Sugar Factory.
Kwamena Duncan, the NPP’s Central Regional Secretary in his commentary prophesied that the Komenda Sugar Factory will collapse.

This is a very unstateman comment that should emanate from the thoughts of no mean a person than the Regional Secretary of a party that is seeking to lead this country.
His comments are distasteful and irresponsible and must be condemned by all well meaning Ghanaians especially Fantes.

Kwamena Duncan and his NPP should note that any minute attempt at running down such a strategic investment like Komenda sugar factory which is prospectively going to offer employment for thousands of unemployed youth will be resisted and individuals with destructive mentalities like that of Kwamena Duncan will be declared persona non grata in our Fante circles.

As if the unfortunate comment from their Regional Secretary was not enough,  the (NPP) Minority yesterday ay held a press conference and tacitly stated that we Coastal dwellers do not deserve to benefit from the establishment of factories because if they build them,  the salt from the sea will destroy it.  This is an insult to the Chiefs and people of all the Coastal communities in Ghana which has to be condemned by all.

COFY,  takes a serious exception to this attempt by the NPP’s Central Regional Secretary and the Minority in Parliament to run down the New Komenda Sugar Factory which is operating currently and it offends our sensibilities to the core. Our anger stems from the fact that despite several appeals from our elders to then NPP  Government of President Kufuor to revamp the factory for us,  they did not heed to our request. Responding to a request by the Chiefs for the reactivation of the Komenda Sugar Factory on 10th November, 2004, President Kufuor explained that it was a policy of the (NPP) government not to encourage the state to get directly involved in establishing and managing state enterprises and that ended it. 

Then comes the NDC government of President John Dramani Mahama  who saw the need to build a new Sugar Factory for us (which is bigger than the previous one) and we have the same NPP calling a press conference to tell us that we don’t deserve it because we are a coastal community? Is Tema not Ghana’s leading industrial city and located by the Coast?

We would want to give Kwamena Duncan and the NPP Minority in Parliament the opportunity to retract their disparaging comments about the factory and apologise accordingly to Fante Youths for deliberately playing politics with a project so dear to our heart or their political party will have themselves to blame for any decision that we also take.


Okyeremaba Nana Kweigya
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Akosua Ofosua

Ekow Benford Coker

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