4TH APRIL, 2016

We, the concerned youths of the National Democratic Congress, Kpando constituency, wish to express our profound gratitude to His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama for the unprecedented development our municipality has seen through our hardworking Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Paulina Delali Adinyirah.
However, we have noticed some media reports levelling allegations that misrepresent what the Hon. Municipal Chief Executive is doing in the municipality. This misrepresentation was published by the Daily Graphic on the 24th of March, 2016 and some online news portals.
In the said publications, it was alleged that the MCE always take unilateral decisions, causing division in the NDC Kpando constituency, abusing of office, exhibiting poor leadership and pettiness and grossly disrespecting groups in Kpando.
We wish to react to all the issues that has been alleged and paint a true picture of what exactly is happening on the ground;
Abusing of office
In the publications, the said groups could not mention a single act of abusiveness by the MCE. It is unfortunate and regrettable because our hardworking MCE has never used her office or position for personal gains or any act of malfeasance.
Poor leadership skills and pettiness
The groups have also failed again to state in their statement how the MCE has exhibited poor leadership skills and pettiness in carrying out her duties.
We emphatically want to state that our Hon. MCE has worked as an administrator, a human resource manager and at same time a member of the institute of human resource practioners, Ghana. How can someone with all these rich leadership experiences exhibit poor leadership skills? Even our assemblymen and women and the assembly staff can attest to the fact that our Hon. MCE is very affable, humble, easy to work with, a visionary leader and someone who sees herself as a servant.
Grossly disrespecting the groups in Kpando
The Hon. MCE has been very responsible since assuming office. We the concerned youths have seen a lot of benefit the said groups have derived from the MCE. For instance, the Kpando market of which Madam Sena Howusu is the market queen has seen major transformation under the leadership of our Hon. MCE
Some projects undertaken in the market are: the purchase of the market land and its documentation which has been a source of dispute resulting in a legal tussle between the Assembly and landowners several years preceding her appointment, construction of 20 lockable stores, construction of drainage in the market, filling to make up levelling for paving, paving of the market and construction of substructure under the market sheds. If all these projects happened under the watch of Mad. Sena Howusu the market queen, how can she say that the Hon. MCE is disrespecting groups? What is her definition of disrespect? We believed the market queen is in for her selfish interest. She is petty and vindictive. We all know how happy our wives, mothers and relatives in the market are.
We are very much aware that the statement Mad. Sena Howusu championed is not supported by majority of the market women and she is gradually bringing disunity among her own group.
Disunity in the NDC Kpando constituency
We the NDC youths in the Kpando constituency are very confident that the 95% vote promised the president for our landslide victory is highly assured. The NDC party in the constituency is united and stronger. The Hon. MCE has not brought any division to the party. Those claiming she is dividing the party are pretending and just want to tarnish her hard won reputation because our MCE as we know is a unifier.
Unilateral decision
Through the hard work and intelligence of our Hon. MCE, the municipality has seen massive development in all sectors being it education, health, roads, agriculture, energy, security, housing among others.
Development under education
Construction of 12 unit storey classroom block for Kpando Senior High School (ongoing)
Construction of 3 unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Sovie Konda (ongoing)
Construction of 4 unit classroom block at Kpando EP JHS (completed)
Construction of 3 unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Kpando Zongo (ongoing)
Construction of 3 unit classroom block with ancillary facilities at Fesi EP basic schools (completed)
Construction of 6 unit storey classroom block at St. Thomas Aquinas JHS (ongoing)
3 two unit classroom block at Dzigbe and Dzewoe (completed)
Construction of Kpando-Have road (ongoing)
Construction of Eko road from the District Court through Information Service Department joining Torkor road (ongoing)
Construction of Kpando Konda road through Dzoanti, Gadza, Agudzi, Bame joining Kpando-Nkonya Highway (ongoing)
Construction of Kpando-Alavanyo road (ongoing)
Construction of bus stop for the take off of alsphalt outlay from Kpando Technical Institute through the traffic light to Kpando Konda junction and from Margret Marquart Hospital junction to Bishop Herman junction and back to the traffic light (yet to start)
Construction of clinic at Togorme that will serve Torkor, Dzigbe, Gborfe, Avetikofe, Dzewoe and the islands (ongoing)
Construction of nurses quarters at Sovie and Togorme (ongoing)
Construction of CHPS compound at Sovie (ongoing)
Rehabilitation of CHPS compound at Avetikofe (ongoing)
Rehabilitation of the Municipal Health Directors Bungalow (completed)
Construction of Police Post at Togorme (ongoing)
Completion of Ghana National Fire Service office at Kpando Abanu (completed)
Rehabilitation of Municipal Police Commanders Bungalow (completed)
Rural electrification through China Waters at Konda, Gadza, Avetikofe, Gborfe, Adofe and Abanu quarters (completed)
Distribution of streetlights to all communities in the Kpando Municipality.
We will like to state that through the leadership and experience of Hon. Delali Paulina Adinyirah, a forty-footer container of books was obtained from an NGO and distributed to all schools both public and private in the municipality and the only municipality that meet the criteria in the Volta Region to sign a memo with the United State of America for developments in health, tourism, agriculture and education.
Recently Kpando Municipal Assembly and our ever hardworking MCE were adjudged first in the Volta Region and 30th out of 216 districts in Ghana for development in the CDD/NDPC assessment for 2015. Our Hon. MCE was again among the 30 Chief Executives and Regional Ministers awarded by Bombisco Multimedia on the 7th of March, 2016 for development. We therefore don’t know what Mad. Sena Howusu and her group of 5 is insinuating since the projects listed shows that Kpando municipality is developing rapidly.
We the concerned youths of NDC in the constituency will like the public to know that our MCE has undertaken many social interventions in the municipality. These include distribution of school uniforms to 86 pupils, distribution of bags of maize and rice to disability group and the special school financed from her salary and done on behalf of His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama.
Through the personal intervention of our MCE, an NGO known as Pencils of Promise is constructing school building in the municipality.
Construction of 3 unit classroom block at Agudzi(ongoing)
Construction of 4 unit classroom block at Kpando Kpodzi EP Prim. (completed)
Construction of 3 unit classroom block at Kudzra materials on site (yet to start)
Construction of 2 unit classroom block at Abanu materials on site (yet to start)
All the completed and ongoing projects are clear demonstration that the MCE does not take unilateral decisions but rather collective. Projects are undertaken in consultation with assembly members, chiefs, opinion leaders and stakeholders.
We have noticed that the market queen and her cohorts are desperate and want to tarnish the image of the hardworking MCE. We are therefore asking all well-meaning individuals within the Kpando municipality and beyond to disregard all the claims of Mad. Sena Howusu. Kpando cannot see such tremendous development if there is disunity.
If the MCE is such a poor leader, the municipal assembly staff and the assembly members would have revolted against her long ago.
We therefore want to assure the president and the NDC party that Hon. Paulina Delali Adinyirah is on course championing our CHANGING LIVES and TRANSFORMING GHANA agenda.
Hon. Paulina Delali Adinyirah, we the concerned youths of NDC Kpando constituency says YIDOA DZI!!!!!!!!!!
LEADER (0205805598)

SECRETARY (0207650941)

ORGANISER (0204154155)

MEMBER (0541990833)





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