Trip down memory lane….events after 2001 elections……..soon after the NDC LOST POWER….

*prof Mills our flagbearer was in canada as a visiting professor….
*his running mate Martin Amidu’s scholarship had been cancelled and he became upset and powerless….
*The then immediate ex-president and Founder JJ Rawlings had been invited by the bni for criticising the govt amd calling for positive defiance and civil disobedience….
*following the humiliation and bni invitation of JJ….party members wondered “if JJ self be this, then who be me”
*Hon. ET Mensah, a serving member of parliament had been arrested and detained in bni cells for days….for saying “our plan has worked”….whatever that means….
*poor old Dan Lartey had been arrested for saying ghanaians were hungry and dying(on peace fm)
*Mrs Naadu Mills had been awakened at dawn by security persoonel so as to take Prof Mill’s official vehicle….
*Nana Konadu, then the NDC’s godmother, had arraigned to face the music in court for abuse of office and corruption….
*Our own jurisprude and legal mogul, Tsatsu had been whisked away from church by the BNI…
*Hon. Victor Selormey and co were in court for causimg financial loss to the state….
*Hon. Mike Gizo, a darling of this party, jumped ship and has since not returned.
*Hon. Owuraku Amofa, also once a darling, left the ‘Ghana kitchen’ bcos the heat was too much and returned as an elephant
*Some prominent members of the party had mysteriously gone underground or ‘retired’….
*There was a general sense of fear and panic among the top guys in the party……
*It appeared kuffour meant business with the ‘fight against corruption’ as he jailed one of his ministers….Mallam Issa
*The shambolic national reconciliation was in full swing with elephant bishops and pastors behaving as God and Jesus….shedding crocodile tears….just to make the ndc look bad….
*Watching GTV breakfast show became a torture for us, as the panel was fully packed with anti-ndc people such as Nana Yaa Ofori Atta….Liz Hayfron….Audrey Gadzepo….Elizabeth Ohene, Kwaku Baako Jnr. Indeed, Mawuko Afadzinu and Geyheart Mensah could no longer cope and simply gave up.
*The then new national slogans were ‘financial malfeasance’……’forensic audit’……’zero tolereance for corruption’
*It was very scary……….Ghana had become huhuuhu….
*The party couldnt ‘stand’ well bcos it was broke…………and patently abandoned by those it had well nourished then
*It became a curse to bear EWE names or to even speak same amongst certain tribesmen and women. So young EWEs begun to change their names from say Morta James to Jim Morti, Sylvanus Doegah to Sly Doe, Sylvester Ametameh to Sly Mens etc etc…
*It had also become a curse or extremely unattractive to declare open affection for the NDC lest you were ostracised by others around you. Ghana had become a defacto One Party State……..only NPP sounded positive to most ears then…
* Kuffour had made political capital by sending us to hipc….and the NDC govt was mocked as owing opepeepeepeeeeeeee….
*Prez Kuffour’s brother-in-law JH Mensah had hinted that by the time they were ‘done’ with house cleaning….there won’t be a single NDC top guy left and that the NPP was going to rule for next 50 years….
*Akuffo addo had hurriedly initiated the fast track courts….
* It was the era of “proceed on leave”…With our own Ambassador Hodari Okae bearing much of the brunt bcos when the High Court said No, NPP said Yes.
*It was also an era when the Supreme Court could be ‘packed’ in order to secure a particular verdict….
*The NDC was mocked, vilified and made to appear as though they only came to waste ghana’s time….
*The media had been bought with funds from the Ministry of Information….
*The only radio station sympathetic to the ndc (Radio Gold) was denied adverts and was broke….and made worse with threats and ‘arrests’….of loud mouths such as my friend Kodjo….hehehehe

the only voices in the wilderness were those of the venerable Dr. Tony Aidoo, Squadron Leader Clend Sowu, Amb. Lee Ocran, Ama Benyiwa Doe and Ofosu Ampofo, then a young Baba Jamal and of course, hon. Abaka Quansah and the erudite Dr. Nii Armah Josiah Ayeh. In fact, Dr. Aryeh was so so good that, the NPP had to take a decision to trap him with money so as to silence him, which they succeeded …………

So the catch is this: if the gentle giant could do this to the NDC….then…..what the inordinately unforgiving liliputian can is everyone’s guess.

If you don’t want to see this happen to us again, then between now and Nov. 6, 2016 win at least 2 voters for JM & the NDC. I am not ready for this again in my life time, so let’s all sit up, especially………….. Blessed weekend to u all

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