On behalf of the Coalition of Concerned Mentees (CCM), I write  to use your outfit to inform the public about the plight of a section of  Teacher Trainees who are currently doing their Out program, and this comprises  of over 27000 teacher trainees.
As a group , we have watched  our leaders( specifically, the TTAG leadership) expectantly to come out and speak for us on issues pertaining to our feeding fees which has been much politicized of late by government communication teams the Honourable Minister of Education   and even the President of this nation. Contrary to our expectations, our leaders have rather chosen to  be mute over this sensitive issue.
We therefore call on you to support us openly make known to Ghanaians and the government what we are going through.


Our demand is a full payment of our feeding grant and a mechanism put in place to cater for our rent, utility bills and transportation.


Government scrapped off our allowances with the aim of expanding the colleges to accommodate more teachers trainees into the Colleges of Education.

We are in no way forcing government to reinstate the scrapped allowances. However, we are calling on the government to come clean on issues of the feeding grant which came just a couple of times and honour the payment.

We’ll like to state that during our out program, we do not fold arms and watch our mentors teach. We share subjects with our mentors and teach normally and used our efforts to complement the work of the teachers to boost the academic performance of our pupils even though we are there as final year students but our inputs are usually the same as the normal teachers and in most cases more than that just to contribute to national development.
It is no doubt that the out segment program (teaching practice ) is part of our 3 years DBE program but we believe that a mechanism should be put in place to cater for our rent , feeding Utility and transportations which has been a
burden all this while.
There is no way we can survive under such a harsh treatment from government.
Our claim is that if government is bent on  not giving us any monies as allowances, then our feeding should be fully paid to us. It may interest the general public to know that the much publicized feeding grant government wants Ghanaians to believe had been paid is just a Parry of what is owed us. The feeding grant of the 2014/15 academic year has an arrears of one semester yet to be paid and not to talk of the just ended semester and the next .
Its therefore surprising that government communicators have informed the general public that teacher trainees are fed thrice free of charge. We would like to put on records that, in some colleges, trainees who are not able to pay their fees fully when college re-opens are not fed by the principals. Since the commencement of this feeding grant policy we the teacher trainees pre-finance the feeding through billing and yet what is due us has not been honoured.

Our amazement comes from the fact that government claims to hold Education close to its chest yet refuses to treat teachers fairly.
Our wonder is how this country will develop if we carry this bitterness into the classroom.
Our pledge to serve this nation remains unchanged. We shouldn’t be pushed to the wall .

Thank you.

To all media houses in Ghana…

Asempa seyram

Odei Calvin

Hoedzoade Kplorm Ephraim

Atomuwoe Charles

Stephen Ofori

Adfinuel abdul

Seidu Sulley

Adu Poku Benjamin 0240370732  0209114645

Ackon Godsway

Antwi Emmanuel 0262123205

Dzansi Jerry Seigfreid

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