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Below is the full statement

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the
I wish to thank you on for responding to our
President John Dramani Mahama presented The
State of the Nation Address in accordance with
Article 67 of the 1992 Constitution on last week
Thursday, 25th February, 2016, just a day after
the commemoration of 50 years of the
overthrow of the CPP Government led by
Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah,.
In that address, President Mahama, through an
evidence-based approach set out clearly what
he has done to enhance the welfare and
wellbeing of the people of Ghana. Through this
approach he demonstrated that the mandate
bestowed on him in 2012 by the sovereign
people of Ghana has been well utilised to bring
significant improvements in almost all aspects of
our national life.
President Mahama offered incontrovertible proof
that in sectors such as education, health,
economy, power, water, housing, roads,
transport, communications and governance,
tremendous progress had been made; since he
assumed office as the elected President of
Ghana on January 7, 2013.
The President in accounting to the people of
Ghana on his first term stewardship also
touched on existing challenges. He indicated
clearly that more remains to be done to achieve
the ultimate objective of attaining full
development for our country. He never claimed
to have turned Ghana into Paradise.
To the NPP, President Mahama has all the
resources and ‘more than 24 hours in a day’ to
have resolved all the challenges of our great
republic., This mindset, Ladies and Gentlemen
can best be described as “making perfect the
enemy of better.”
As should be the case in any thriving democracy
where the issues that matter to the people
dominate national discourse, it was expected
that the opposition would seize the opportunity
opened by the President’s address to indicate
clearly areas where they differ and point to
credible, unmistakable and measurable
alternatives they wish to put on the table for
consideration by the people.
It must therefore have come as refreshing news
to all well-meaning Ghanaians when the New
Patriotic Party announced last week that they
would be holding a public event to discuss the
State of the Nation.
Regrettably, expectation gave way to
consternation when instead of a concise and
quality critique of the President’s address, we
were served with the same generic, stale,
hollow, hackneyed and pedestrian propaganda
that has become the most noticeable attribute
of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), second only to
violence and disorganisation, since their
Flagbearer Mr Akufo Addo took over the party.
Instead of a direct evidence-based
disagreement over what the President said last
Thursday, Nana Akufo Addo dabbled in anti-
government propaganda of the most revulting
kind. He joined his party followers and bigwigs
to ridicule the citizens of Ghana who were
invited to the State of the Nation Address in
parliament as having engaged in “concert party
One would have expected Nana Akufo Addo and
the NPP to have contested the truth about these
citizens of Ghana who were a representation of
the broad mass of our people who are
beneficiaries of these interventions.
Again one would have expected the NPP to have
contradicted President Mahama in the stories
that he told about Mercy Pomaa; Regina Haku;
Umar Mahmud Mogtar; Naomi Appiah Korang;
Mohammed Hissan; Gertrude Ahyia Yeboah;
David Aminayire; Mohammed Awabu; Dzidzor
Kwamuar; Apim Shulamite; Samuel Amo Tobbin;
Zenabu Sumaila; James Appiah-Berko;
Emmanuel Aboagye; Shiraz Issaku; Awenini
Apogyanga who were in the public gallery in
parliament on 25th February, 2016.
His inability to do so further exposes NPP’s long
held mantra that nothing is happening.
Consequently, the NPP and its flagbearer failed
to show at the event;
1. that they have a track record in all sectors of
our national life which is superior to the output
of President Mahama.
2. that based on this record, they are capable of
putting forward clear and believable policy
alternatives in which any measurable confidence
can be placed.
3. that they had learnt any useful lessons from
their unprecedented failed promises as
contained in their 2000 and 2004 manifestos.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
The NPP also succeeded in demonstrating;
1. That they are chronically bereft of credible
and measurable alternatives to the policies and
programmes of President Mahama and the NDC;
2. That they remain in tatters and choked with
serious allegations of corruption and underhand
dealings which renders them incapable to
Let us now proceed to discuss the main issues
in order to dispel the many false notions that
the NPP attempted to foist on Ghanaians.
At the level of leadership, a cursory assessment
of President Mahama’s approach to governance
and the leadership or rather the lack of it by Mr
Akufo Addo to the NPP reveals which of the two
has capacity to lead this peaceful nation.
Whereas President Mahama has taken
responsibility for long-standing national
problems some of which preceded his ascension
to the Presidency and striven to resolve same,
Mr Akufo Addo takes responsibility for nothing
that happens in the party he purports to lead.
President Mahama took responsibility for the
power challenges that we witnessed some time
ago and acted to address it and the results are
there for all to see.
In a shocking twist Nana Akufo Addo claims to
be unaware that President Mahama took
responsibility to fix the power shortages. He
appears to be the only stranger in Jerusalem
despite having been firmly ensconced in the
public gallery for the entire duration of the
President’s State of the Nation Address in 2015
in which the following words were uttered to the
hearing of all and sundry- “I John Dramani
Mahama will fix this power crisis”.
This behaviour would appear to confirm
speculation and pictures making the rounds in
sections of the media that he dozed off at some
point during that important address by the
It is curious that Nana Akufo Addo would speak
about taking responsibility when he has failed to
take such responsibility for his party’s rapid
spiral into gruesome killings, chaos, anarchy,
violence and lawlessness.
Even when the violence claimed the lives of
first, the NPP Upper East Regional Chairman,
may his soul rest in perfect peace, and a
supporter of the NPP Party at Asawase, no
leadership emanated from him, save for a
vendetta waged against persons believed to be
opposed to him..
Nana Akufo Addo will go down as the NPP
flagbearer under whose tenure the party sank
to its lowest ebb. Indeed we dare say that he is
the worst leader that tradition has produced
having lowered considerably, the standard set
by the likes of K.A. Busia, Victor Owusu, Adu
Boahen and J. A. Kufour.
President Mahama demonstrated how the NDC
Government is changing lives and emphasised
education as “the single most effective way not
only to change a single life, but other lives that
surround it.”
He further stated that “education can break
cycles of poverty and abuse. Education is the
key that can unlock, for children, worlds into
which their parents could not enter; worlds they
never even knew existed.”
At the basic education level, the President
among others captured
. The Compulsory Basic Education (CBE)
programme of the Ministry of Education which
has ensured that a total of 54,800 out-of-school
children have been enrolled into schools.
. Distribution of over 100 million exercise books
. Distribution of free school uniforms
. Distribution of 12.5 million textbooks, which has
reversed the textbook to pupil ratio from three
pupils to one textbook under the NPP to one
pupil to four texbooks under the NDC.
. Distribution of 10,000 sandals so far to very
needy pupils
. Teacher Professional Development Initiative.
Nana Akufo Addo’s contrived ignorance about
social interventions programmes initiated by the
NDC Government is exposed by the list above. .
At the Secondary level President Mahama gave
an update on the party’s programme to
establish 200 Senior High Schools. He reported
that 123 are currently being implemented and
that some have been completed and are in use.
Nana Akufo Addo claimed to be aware of only
four schools commissioned by President
Mahama hence those are the only schools
worked on. To conclude that only the 4 schools
that have been commissioned are the only ones
built is a reflection of poor reasoning.
Nana Akufo Addo of course was unable to
recount the NPP’s horrible record of the NPP in
this regard. In all their 8 years in power, they
did not build a single new Senior High School.
They promised to upgrade one senior high
school in every district to the status of a model
school. Out of 160 Districts in Ghana then only
23 of such schools were upgraded by the time
they left office,. Their contribution to access at
secondary education therefore is at best
negligible and the poorest in the fourth Republic
if not in our history.
Nana Akufo Addo sought to distort the facts
surrounding the Free SHS debate. It would be
recalled that his poorly-conceived Free SHS
mantra was resoundingly rejected by the
electorate in favour of President Mahama’s
pragmatic access, quality and affordability
Having worked on these and achieved significant
gains, President Mahama introduced
progressively free SHS education in accordance
with Article 25 of the 1992 Constitution.
The President’s position is clear and has not
changed. It is markedly more substantive that
the hollow, propagandist mantra Nana Akufo
Addo recited in 2012, which the Ghanaian
electorate rightly rejection.
Ladies and Gentlemen
President Mahama has demonstrated that,
enrolment in tertiary institutions increased by
6.3% for Universities and 8.9% for Polytechnics.
The University for Health and Allied Sciences
(UHAS) at Ho, which was once ridiculed as a
reptile infested forest by the NPP has been
completed and inaugurated and in just three
years of its establishment, has enrolled 2,300
Construction of the University of Environment
and Sustainable Development in Donkorkrom in
the Afram Plains and Somanya all in the Eastern
Region will begin this year. As you are aware the
Bill for the establishment of the University has
been passed. Here too we note that the NPP’s
tribal politicking has reared its ugly head. They
are asking for the people of Somanya to be
deprived of this University for no reason other
than tribal considerations.
President Mahama once again demonstrated his
commitment to technical education by reporting
on the progress made on the policy to convert
polytechnics to technical universities. According
to the President, the Kumasi, Accra, Koforidua,
Ho, Sunyani, and Takoradi Polytechnics have met
the 16-point criteria and have been
recommended for immediate conversion. He
further assured that the remaining four
polytechnics will be assisted by a special
arrangement to support them with
infrastructure, equipment and strengthening of
their governance structure to enable them meet
the conversion criteria in the shortest possible
President Mahama once again reiterated his pro-
teacher approach to the execution of his
mandate by indicating that more Ghanaians
have gained admission to Colleges of Education
and that enrolment has increased by 63 per
cent. In absolute terms they now enrol 12,000
students compared to 9,000 students prior to
the new policy. This follows bold reforms
initiated in the colleges of education including
the replacement of the teacher training
allowance with the Student Loan to restore
parity among all teacher training tertiary
In taking this decision, President Mahama was
mindful of temporary difficulties that will be
faced by some students. He was also aware that
some parties will seek political advantage.
We note that Nana Akufo Addo once again
without recourse to hard facts or sound
reasoning sought to take political advantage of
this bold initiative which is yielding tangible
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Contrary to Nana Akufo Addo’s propaganda, the
reality is that our healthcare system is in much
better shape than it was under his NPP. Life
expectancy in Ghana has increased to 63 years
from 54 years under the NPP.
In the latest United Nations Human
Development Index ranking, Ghana is presently
ahead of its peers in West Africa in virtually all
Human development indicators.
According to the Ghana Demographic and Health
Survey, there has been a drastic decrease in the
rates of infant mortality and under-five
mortality which were alarmingly-pervasive
under the NPP. Under-five mortality has
dropped from 111 to 60 per 1,000 live births.
Infant mortality also dropped by almost 30%
from 64 to 41 per 1,000 live births during the
same period.
Children and their mothers are now surviving
birth more than ever before as a result of better
antenatal, delivery services and postnatal care.
President Mahama also outlined impressive and
unprecedented investment of over US$2billion in
health infrastructure, equipment and human
resource. He projected that this will add 6,000
more beds to Ghana’s existing stock by the end
of 2018 when the programme is completed.
This is very significant in the sense that as at
2014, total hospital beds available in public
hospitals was 11,689. This means that President
Mahama’s NDC Government would have
increased the number of total available hospital
beds in Ghana to 28,632 and increased the ratio
of hospital beds to population from 0.9 to 1.1
beds per 1000 people.
Thus making Ghana the country with the highest
ratio of hospital beds to population in West
Africa and among the top five in Africa. This is
real progress.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Among others;
The University of Ghana Teaching Hospital at
The Ridge Hospital
Tamale Teaching Hospital and
The Kumasi Military Hospital are all on-going
with some nearing completion.
We note that Nana Akufo Addo also repeated his
party’s lies about the Ridge Project. He claimed
that the Ridge Hospital has been inflated by US
$142 million and the basis for this is a supposed
Crown Agent report.
What he showed was a shocking lack of
thoroughness and attention to detail. If he had
applied himself to a diligent search for
information he would have been aware that the
Crown Agent report he relied on has long since
been repudiated following incontrovertible proof
offered by the Ministry of Health and the
contractor to the effect that the initial claims
were unfounded.
This blunder is reminiscent of his embarrassing
gaffe on the Kasoa Interchange project which he
claimed had been inflated without basis.
Because of his trademark lack of thoroughness,
he did not seek the advice of his own
Parliamentarians before making this astounding
claim. It had to take his own Ranking member
on the Roads and Transport Committee in
Parliament to correct this falsehood.
That a flagbearer chooses to be so uncritical as
to rely on inaccurate information to make such
spurious claims is a matter of some amusement.
A visit to the site of the Ridge hospital project
would show an imposing, ultra-modern hospital
that is nearing completion.
It is a monument to the hardwork, foresight
and commitment of our President, Leader and
flagbearer Comrade John Dramani Mahama to
improving the health of our people.
President Mahama also mentioned other
Regional hospitals the NDC Government is
working on including;
The 160bed -Upper West Regional Hospital at
The 386 bed Upper East Regional Hospital at
Bolgatanga and the
The 250 bed Ashanti Regional Hospital at Sewua
Mention was also made of on-going work on a
number of District Hospitals including;
120-bed District hospitals at Dodowa, Kumawu,
Abetifi and Fomena
60-bed District Hospital in Salaga
60-bed District Hospital in Tepa
60-bed District Hospital in Nsawkaw
60-bed District Hospital in Konongo-Odumasi
100-bed Municipal Hospital in Atomic-Accra.
Here too the NPP flagbearer attempted to
discount these achievements when disputing the
work on the Salaga District Hospital. He seemed
once again to display a lack of thoroughness by
relying on his social media propagandists who
posted pictures they claimed showed a non-
existent hospital.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
On the NHIS the NPP flagbearer displayed a
noticeable lack of clarity in thought when he
mistook the relevance and interpretation of
untilization for enrolment. The assessment of a
scheme of this nature ought to be done on the
basis of scientific evidence.
At the IEA event in 2012, he claimed that the
NHIS was dead. After 2012 he and his party
members started speaking about a “collapsing”
NHIS. Now he speaks about cash and carry. We
would like to know what exactly the NPP
flagbearer’s position is on the status of the
The President was clear when he disclosed that
the scheme has grown in leaps and bounds.
Out-patient utilization and claims payments
have witnessed astronomical increase which
shows a robust scheme. The President did not
hide the challenges that confront the scheme
and spoke about the initiatives to address these
4. Social Interventions
Ladies and Gentlemen of the media,
Not surprisingly, yesterday Nana Akufo Addo
repeated the NPP’s pedestrian claims on the
state of a number of social intervention
programmes. He blanketly claimed that such
programmes as LEAP, School feeding, Capitation
Grant, NYEP among others have been
Consistent with their ideology of property
owning democracy, the scope and manner of
implementation of social intervention
programmes exposed the NPP’s lack of genuine
commitment to the welfare of the broad
For example despite the noise made about the
school feeding program, a measly 9% of
Ghanaian school children benefitted from the
intervention under the NPP. Currently as many
as 1.7million school children representing about
30% of Ghanaian school children are enrolled on
the programme.
As far as LEAP is concerned, only 1,654
households were given monthly stipends after 8
long years in power. Today a massive 144,000
households receive monthly payments under
President Mahama.
Regarding the Capitation grant, the NDC
Governmengt increased it by 50% as far back as
2010 in keeping with our 2008 promise to do so.
This certainly cannot represent and does not
represent mismanagement.
We have also introduced other interventions for
some vulnerable groups. The Eban card that
targets the elderly for priority services has been
launched and is currently benefitting 9,000
people. It will be expanded to cover 25,000
people in the coming months.
5. Economy and Jobs
On the economy, Nana Akufo Addo proved to be
a tame student of Mahamadu Bawumia’s flawed
and misleading claims. He displayed a lack of
grasp of the most important issues.
He showed that if he has any strength at all in
the management of national affairs then it does
not lie in the economy.
His presentation yesterday contained the
sprinkling of every conceivable fund from Zongo
Development fund to an infinite number of
He dabbled in a selective recitation of macro-
economic indices to make a claim of
mismanagement against government. It is an
indisputable fact that the most prosperous
economic period witnessed in over four decades
have occurred under the NDC not the NPP.
The highest growth rates, the longest sustained
period of single digit inflation and many other
indices have been recorded under the NDC
Despite the ugly noises and lofty rhetoric, the
NPP was never able to match the NDC’s record
in their 8 year tenure.
Therefore if any party stands in good stead to
steer the economy into calm waters then it is
this government led by President Mahama. The
signs already point to stability in the economy
leading to increased growth over the next few
President Mahama remains focused on
transforming the structure of the economy with
an emphasis on manufacturing and value
addition and his address to Parliament
demonstrated real progress in this regard.
Akufo Addo dabbled in untruth when he claimed
that the only interventions the President spoke
about on the economy were the Exim Bank and
Ghana Infrastructure and Investment Fund.
It is unclear what SONA he listened to.
President Mahama spoke about increasing
support for the private sector especially the
manufacturing sector. Between 2013 and 2015,
GHc 250 million was been put directly into local
firms. Pharmaceutical companies have
benefitted immensely from this package which
has boosted their capacity to manufacture drugs
for the treatment of common ailments locally.
Another GHc 150 million has been disbursed to
over 500 Ghanaian institutions under the Skills
Development Fund.
Last year, President Mahama instructed the
Ministry of Education to ensure all textbooks are
printed in Ghana. This is on course and is
creating thousands of jobs.
Under the NPP textbooks were imported from
abroad sometimes under shady and corrupt
The President spoke about the Kumasi shoe
factory and the Komenda sugar factory among
other interventions, which did not exist at the
time that the NPP ruled between 2001 to 2008.
He disclosed that the first sheanut processing
plant was established and commissioned under
the NDC government at Buipe in the Northern
Region. Plans are underway to establish similar
plants in the Upper East and Upper West
The President showed that Rice importation
which sky rocketed under the NPP has reduced
President Mahama also indicated that 650,000
birds were produced last year as part of the 20
million broiler project launched to revive the
poultry sector which collapsed under the NPP.
The President also revealed new interventions in
coffee production under which 100,000 metric
tonnes is expected to be produced by 2020.
Already 5 million seedlings are being nursed for
cultivation by farmers.
A similar programme to promote cultivation of
Oil Palm was announced.
In Agriculture, Akufo Addo conveniently touted
the growth of 0.04% recorded in 2015 as proof
of a struggling sector. He probably is unaware
that under the NPP in 2007 Agric recorded
There is every indication that further investment
in the sector will lead to growth going forward.
As far as jobs are concerned, one has to admire
Akufo Addo’s misplaced bravado when even
broaching the subject. For the flagbearer of a
party that has the most appalling and shambolic
record when it comes to job creation it is
something of an irony that Nana Akufo Addo
would presume to discuss the subject.
We remember page 5 of the NPP’s 2000
manifesto where they promised to “Create jobs
for all persons able and willing to work and to
reward each of them appropriately”.
Let Nana Akufo Addo indicate to the people of
Ghana the jobs they created for ALL Ghanaians
after making this promise. It would be recalled
that the NPP staged the most shocking gambit
when they asked unemployed Ghanaians to
register for jobs. Over 1 million Ghanaians cued
up to register only to be let down by a boatsful
but flat-footed government.
President Mahama’s address to Parliament was
littered with evidence and figures of jobs
created by his government. The book
“Accounting to the People” also gives evidence
and a breakdown of thousands of jobs created
by this government in several sectors.
We will continue to provide more opportunities
in the economy for employment.
6. Infrastructure
Ladies and Gentlemen of the media,
Yesterday, the NPP flagbearer sought refuge
under a contrived Bawumia yardstick for
assessing capital investment or simply put
infrastructure. He claims that capex/GDP ratio
under the NPP was higher than under the NDC.
He also repeated the gratuitous lie that we have
borrowed US$37 billion in the last 8 years and
spent only US$ 7 billion in development.
These are meaningless contrivances designed to
mask his party’s miserable performance when it
comes to the provision of critical infrastructure
for the people.
The NPP’s narrative of President Mahama’s
investments in infrastructure is characterised by
a dark, malicious lie that all projects undertaken
by the NDC have been inflated. This often-
repeated lie is only intended to undermine
public confidence in government and shift the
focus away from the benefits accruing from
these projects.
It is a pitiful concoction brewed by mediocre
minds whose under-performance when given
the opportunity for 8 years leads them to want
to undermine the superior performance of
This can be better appreciated when one looks
at the NPP’s laughable record in infrastructure.
As the President indicated in his address to
Parliament, the NDC government has
undertaken the largest ever investment in the
country’s history with regards to infrastructure.
Incontrovertible proof exists to buttress this.
7. Water
The NPP holds the most abysmal record in water
provision by any government. In all their 8 years
in office, they increased water coverage by a
paltry 2%.
Since the NDC came to power water coverage
has increased from 58.5% in 2009 to 76% in
2015.This is set to increase to 85% by close of
this year when an additional 20 water projects
are completed around the country. In absolute
terms the NDC Government has provided 77.5
million gallons of water per (MGD) day for an
additional 4.2 million Ghanaians as of the end of
2015. By the end of 2016 this will increase to
110million gallons of water per day for a total of
another 7 million Ghanaians. In all 52 years
preceding the NDC in 2009, available water
capacity could only serve 14 million people.
Akufo Addo sought to take undue advantage of
the isolated challenges in certain areas due to
both natural and human causes to dispute this
sterling performance in water provision to the
extent of ignoring how millions living in areas
like Adenta, Teshie and his own home town
Kyebi now have water running through their
8. Housing
The NPP holds the worst record when it comes
to housing. In all their eight years in power they
did not complete a single affordable housing
unit. Despite not completing any, they shared
these uncompleted houses among their cronies
in the most corrupt and morally-bankrupt
Under President Mahama 12,500 housing units
have been under construction with over 3,000
completed which are currently occupied by
9. Roads
NPP claims to have constructed 30,000km of
roads between 2001-2008. Ordinarily this should
come as a major relief because we need more
I will crave the indulgence of the press to follow
me in my search of these invincible roads
Ladies and Gentlemen, some roads are missing.
Either they squandered the money and
constructed 30,000km of roads on paper or they
are confusing network size with actual
investments into network.
Does the NPP appreciate the magnitude of the
lie they are telling about 30,000kilometers of
roads in 8 years, the equivalent of travelling
from Accra to London six times? To further
illustrate it within the context of local travels,
NPP’s lie translate into traveling by road from
Accra to Paga as many as 45 times. Ladies and
gentlemen where are the NPP roads?
If it is investment into the road network, I
repeat, where is the physical evidence of the
30,000kilometers of roads that were
rehabilitated or worked on?
Let Nana Akufo Addo simply publish the full list
of roads they constructed and their lengths.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
A cursory review of the 2001 and 2008 budget
statements presented by the NPP reveal this
fraudulent conduct when it comes to roads.
Let me take the construction of the Accra-
Kumasi Road as an example:
Paragraph 203 of the NPP’s 2004 budget claimed
that works on the Anyinam –Konongo section
was 28% complete. The same road was reported
at paragraph 231 as being 94% complete in the
2005 budget. The 2006 budget also stated that
the same road was 48% complete. Hear is the
absurdity. It is only under the NPP that as the
years progressed, the rate of completion of the
same project reduced from 94% to 48% within a
span of one year per their own record.
The Ofankor-Nsawam road also exposes the
NPP’s duplicity when it comes to roads.
Paragraph 231 of the 2005 budget said that
road was 71% complete only for it to be stated
in paragraph 575 of the 2006 budget that the
same road is 57% complete.
Akufo Addo’s claims about the cost of roads
have been thoroughly disproved by his own
ranking member on the Roads and Transport
committee hence there is no need to comment
further on his newly-acquired skill in Political
quantity surveying. He clearly has no knowledge
of the sector and feeds on the lies fed him by
his team of propagandists.
On the subject of corruption, Akufo Addo who
has hounded people out of his party because
they sought to expose corruption mounted the
moral high ground. For a man whose party ate,
slept and drunk corruption when in power
despite their zero tolerance for corruption
mantra, it is strange that he would presume to
lecture the President on same.
He repeated the NPP’s pedestrian propaganda
on corruption without any evidence of a
superior record. He peddled a blatant lie when
he said that no investigation into acts of
corruption has been done on government’s own
The investigation into the National Service
Scheme was done on the express instructions of
the President without any media expose or
prompting. Same was done with the
investigations into the NHIS.
Nana Akufo Addo also asked why the President
did not invite persons alleged to have engaged
in judgement debt controversies. On the matter
of judgment debts, Akufo Addo behaves like a
man who says he does not eat pork but eats pig
This is a man who made a passionate appeal for
payment of judgment debt to the Great Cape
Company despite the non-availability of
How can a man be opposed to judgment debt
payment and plead for it to be paid at the same
time? Such hypocrisy is unbecoming of someone
seeking the High office of the President.
Akufo Addo is also on record to have caused
substantial loss to the state in the Drill Ship
Judgment debt case through his legendary
incompetence when he failed as Attorney
General to defend the state against a suit in the
matter. Needless to say that the drill ship was
subsequently sold in London like the way
tomatoes are sold at the Malata market.
It may interest Akufo Addo to note that the
many land looters who held sway in his NPP
government were not present in Parliament with
the notable exception of his imposed acting
national chairman whose complicity in the
looting of the international student’s hostel land
is a matter of public record.
Election 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, the NPP appears hell-
burnt on creating unnecessary rumpus over the
voters’ register hence the effusions of Nana
Akufo Addo; and lay a basis for the rejection of
the results of an election which they know they
are about to lose. Let me state hear that
President Mahama remains an obedient servant
of the Constitution of Ghana which enjoins all to
respect the independence of the Electoral
He has charged the NDC to at all times use
lawful procedure and peaceful means to protect
its interest in the electoral process.
He is unwilling to share in the wanton effort to
undermine the credibility of every state
institution through vicious lies and fabrications
like Akufo Addo and the NPP are doing.
Let Akufo Addo continue to hanker after political
power through his violent, all-die-be-die
As for President Mahama he will continue to
respect the will of the electorate at all times and
he will carry out their mandate in accordance
with decent standards and lawful dictates.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
We began this press conference by indicating
that in any thriving democracy where the issues
that matter to the people should dominate
national discourse, it was expected that the
opposition would seize the opportunity provided
by the President to indicate clearly areas where
they differ and point to credible, unmistakable
and measurable alternatives they wish to put on
the table for consideration by the people.
Regrettably, expectation has given way to
consternation. Once again the NPP Flagbearer
has failed to redeem his sunken image which
has been accentuated by a cascade of gaffes
over the period.
Today more and more of our citizens are being
lifted from poverty and many are entering the
middle class bracket.
Today an impressive 36% of our population,
representing nearly all who should be in school,
is in school due to exponential increases in
investments in the education sector.
Almost all those outside the bracket will be
roped in, in a matter of a few years.
Today Ghanaians have greater access to health
care even in the most remote parts of our
country. A child born today and his or her
mother are more likely to survive than at any
other time in our history. This is joy to many
Today Maternal, Infant, Child and under five
mortalities continue to drop. Malnutrition has
also reduced drastically. Guinea worm
infestation and Buruli Ulcer are now distant
Today as a result of massive and unprecedented
retooling of our security services, the crime rate
in Ghana has been on the decline and the
presence of police (men and women) at strategic
locations in our communities is providing the
needed reassurance that we are safer in Ghana
now than was under the NPP.
Today 20 million or 80.5% of our population
have access to electricity, the highest after
South Africa in the entire Sub-Sarahan Region
and this is growing.
By the close of this year, nearly 22 million
Ghanaians representing 85% of our population
will have access to potable water.
Today Ghana has over 33 million mobile and
fixed telephony subscriptions.
Our impressive roads and transport, ICT and
Telecommunication infrastructure continue to
improve dramatically with each passing month.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Perhaps our most
distinguishing attribute yet, is the stable and
strong democracy that we have sustained over
the last two decades. This singular feat has
made us the yardstick by which many other
nations in Africa and beyond are measured. We
have been beneficiaries of the democratic
dividend that comes with an embrace and
entrenchment of democratic practice.
These gains notwithstanding, the undesirable
and distasteful behaviour and practices of the
NPP has sought to sink Ghana’s image as a
peaceful and democratic nation. Their taste for
intra-party violence and unconventional methods
as the preferred means of settling
disagreements is seen as the major threat to our
democratic practice.
It is under Akufo Addo’s supervision that the
NPP Headquarters has been turned into an
outpost of chaos and lawlessness where
sporadic brawls take place. Their duly elected
National Chairman and the General Secretary
have been violently chased out of office and
their positions usurped.
To mask this negative image, the NPP has
resorted to bastardising, criminalising and
distorting the true intentions behind government
programmes and projects. Through this they
hope to erode trust and confidence in the NDC
government led by President Mahama. This
attempt has failed! The people of Ghana are
wide awake.
Let us remember that criminalising or
bastardising a road project does not or will not
erode the asphaltic concrete which the people
are enjoying or will enjoy in the near future.
The contrived cynicism and deliberate instigation
of the citizenry against government has failed
and shall continue to fail. President Mahama
and the NDC Government is delivering on the
transformational agenda.
We shall relentlessly pursue the programmes
and projects that are inuring to the benefits of
Ghanaians. The NDC government under our
visionary leader, President Mahama is changing
lives and transforming Ghana. Come November
2016, the sovereign people of Ghana will speak.
We are confident they will vote massively for
President Mahama for a second term.
Thank you.

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