From the very day he chose to present the so called “real state of the nation ” was the very minute he signed his defeat in the upcoming general elections .Nana Addo has never deviated from the report about him captured in the wickedleacks cable.
“He is often surrounded by few akyim businessmen .he is unstrategic and often appear arrogant ”

It was a clear act of impunity and shared arrogance and disrespect to our national protocool.

How can “try and error ” be a campaign option to a serious oposition leader .who tries someone who has been rejected on countless times .
NANA ADDO ,you were in the queue with your presidential ambitions when kuffour came  from no where to become a president for 8 years. You contested president mills who was as old as you were, yet you  lost miserably. You again contested young John mahama ,in the contest where you launched campaign over  4 years and got defeated hugely with a three month campaign of JDM.

One would have thought that you’re now abreast with the terrine and also in all these times  of your wantom defeat , your party was more United and the impact of the power blocks was less .but today your desperation has pushed you to orchestrate and engineer the “overthrow ” of your national chairman who doubles as a financier and your general secretary who comes from a powerful block of your party and also your vice chairman from a very strong supporting Region.

NANA you also supervised the alleged murder of your Upper East regional chairman and a constituency chairman  in Asawase  in the ashanti Region.
You also spearheaded the removal of several other regional and constituency executives of your party .you betrayed your one time camplaign cordinator  Athur Kobina Kennedy . and also the unwarranted suspension of one of the party founding fathers  charles wereko – Brobbey.  calculating all these events it means that your party is not anything to write home about when it comes to winning an election which is ” issues based”.

As though that is enough ,Nana is also supretending over a very corrupt party leadership where financial embezzlement is a common tittle for your national executives .apart from that crisis you are also managing yourself under a party where the current crop of executives are bootlickers To talk of your National youth organiser Sammy Awuku ,national organise John Boadu, your director of communication  who is almost an NDC member .often times your perceived most loyal executive are Cought  on tapes making bad remarked about you .it means your secret plans are always in the public domain so the NDC  does not require any effort to re-strategise.

Nana Addo ,everything about you point  to the fact that you’re not physically fit .you are full of deteriorating and devastating health situations as compared to the Nana Addo we could  have tried about 8 years ago even in the church where you are supposed to be fit to receive blessings, you still fell .your whole life history is a mystery from murder allegations to your deep relationship with drug dealers .evidenced  by the fact that you even issued a drug dealer who happen to be your friend a diplomatic passport during the time you were a minister for  foreign affairs .

Personally I don’t see how you  can push through 2016  if infact you’re unable to deny at least one item out of the numerous listed above .yet you have now decided to sell your credibility as a good lawyer (without  certificate ) to assume the status of a “serial caller ” it’s very pathetic. !!!
2016 is clear and written on the walls .
Stay tuned !

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