Dear Nana Akufo-Addo
I just listened to your so called ” true state of the Nation address at the college of physicians and surgeons in full.

Without sounding blunt what you did today is to engage in shallow opportunism as always.

One would have imagined that you seize the opportunity to tell Ghanaians what concretely you will do differently in the very unlikely event that you become President of Ghana come November 7, 2016. 

Let me avert your mind to the fact that, since you became the flagbearer of your party in 2008 you haven’t been able to give a succinct and clear ALTERNATIVE POLICY for Ghanaians to consider you apart from dumsor, your lofty FREE SHS POLICY and empty cacophonous noise.
You keep calling President Mahama incompetent but you fail to learn that, a mediocre opposition leader is bound to be a mediocre President. You are nothing but a mediocre opposition leader who knows next to nothing about governance and leadership. Certainly you are caught in a deep entrapment of a pot always calling a kettle black.

You may know that, i come from the same hometown with you, Akropong. Indeed you a   family member. I can tell you that given what my grandfather Kwabena Dankwa told me, you can never be a President. And i don’t see you becoming president of Ghana even 100 years to come. Not at all.

Now back to your so called true state of the Nation address.

I perfectly agree with you when you said that, we have two Ghana’s. The Ghana of Akufo-Addo and the Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana. That is why you always see things from a negative perspective.

In your statement you described Ghana in a state of crisis, hopelessness and despair. The question i ask is where is the state of despair and hopelessness? Where is it? Come and show us.

Do you call a state that has recently added 800 MW of power to the national grid a hopeless state? Do you call a state that has constructed many district hospitals and polyclinics across the country hopeless? Do you call a state that in only 3 year has built chpps compounds all over Ghana in a state of despair? How about the expansion at the police hospital in Accra?  How about the elimination of schools under trees and the Kumasi airport?

If i were you i will be ashamed of myself. You were a member of parliament for Abuakwa for 12 good years when your own government was in power yet you couldn’t  built a water treatment plant for your people. Today President Mahama has built same in Kibi, your own backyard and you turn  round to call him names for doing what you couldn’t do.

And let me ask, How did you arrive at the 3 billion loss as a result of the dumsor? This is clearly a lazy and armchair arithmetic.

When i was growing up as a child, one of the things i learnt was that, life is not how long you live but it is the quality of life you live. With the greatest of respect, you have been in politics for a long time but i am sad to inform you that you have achieved nothing or little in your political endeavour. You have lost every crucial election in Ghana since multi party democracy started. You failed as attorney general and as a foreign minister. You also failed as an MP and still failing as the longest serving flagbearer of your party.

Does this not tell you something or at least give you a clue ? That you can never become President of Ghana because you are simply not destined to. Maybe unless you change your parentage and your infamous all die be die posturing.

Boutrous Andy Dankwa

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