Education Is believed to be taken from a latin
words, thus
1. educare – this means to “nurture or to rear

2. educere – this means “to lead out ”
3. duco – this means “to grow ”
Education therefore means feeding and thereby
growing and developing somebody.
It can also be defined as leading out the innate
potentialities of an individual into new
knowledge and experience.

1. The old concept– These sees education as
preparing an individual for life.
It means certain procedures and practice are
use to mould the individual such that he is
able to live his life more meaningfully on
2. The new concept – This sees it as involving
procedures and practice that lead to the
improvement of the quality of life of
individuals and societies . This means that
education must make an individual a better

Education can be used As :>
1. An Institution
2. A Product
3. Part of Culture
4. A Process
5. A Discipline
6. An activity
7. A Tool for Solving Problems

There are three forms of Education, these are :
1. Formal Education :> In these form, what is
taught is carefully structured using syllabuses
and time tables. Is sometimes called school
education. External administrative bodies
supervise the teaching that goes on in formal
education and certificates are often awarded.
2. Informal Education :> These education take
place at home,in peer groups,and in the mass
media. There are no specially trained teachers.
These is not associated with the award of
3. Non formal Education :> These lies between
formal and informal education in
characteristics. It is education which is
organized to meet specific need of people.
It is not carefully structured as in the case of

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