State of the Nation address 2016
Source: JM Manifesto watch

Part two

The progress of the beneficiaries of the youth employment programme will be monitored by the YES – @JDMahama

Recuitment under the YEA has started – @JDMahama

One growing area of opportunities for our youth is the ICT – @JDMahama

The Cape coast stadium has been completed and we are working on a New Edubiase stadium – @JDMahama

At the time of our independence the agric sector accounted for about 50% of GDP now its about 21.5% – @JDMahama

The services industry is now the higher contributor to our GDP with just over 50% – @JDMahama

We have taken significant measures to address the real sector of our economy over the last few years – @JDMahama

We have invested heavily in building transformative infrastructure – @JDMahama

We have issues with our balance of trade. We depend too much on imports – @JDMahama

Our commitment to the IMF programme is shown by our positive reviews in 2015 – @JDMahama

My administration will ensure strict fiscal discipline within the election year – @JDMahama

The sacrifices we have made during the tough times have placed us on a path to growth makes us more resilient – @JDMahama

Ghana’s budget deficit this year is expected to be as low as 5.3% of GDP – @JDMahama

There has been a reduction in the wage to GDP ratio – @JDMahama

Our investment in the Energy sector has started bearing fruit – @JDMahama

Over the last 5 years, there has been a proliferation of microfinance institutions – @JDMahama

These microfinance companies are under the direct supervision of the Bank of Ghana – @JDMahama

Lack of supervision on the part of the BoG has resulted in cases of breach of rules by the Microfinance companies – @JDMahama

Government has concern for the unsuspecting Ghanaians who were supposed to have been protected by the BoG – @JDMahama

The legitimate investors should be reimbursed with the original amount invested not the ridiculous profits promised – @JDMahama

A year ago I stood before Parliament and promised to fix power sector deficit which caused constraints to Ghanaians – @JDMahama

Much work still needs to be done to give us the confidence of sustainable power moving forward – @JDMahama #

It has been a year of hard work which made us achieve the fastest mobilisation of emergency power in history of Ghana – @JDMahama

About 800 Megawatts have been added within the shortest possible time – @JDMahama

It has taken team work and the cooperation of a lot of people to make the turn around possible – @JDMahama

I pledge that I will continue to work to ensure that we never find ourselves in such a situation again – @JDMahama #

I salute the former power minister, his deputy and team and the Petroleum minister as well – @JDMahama

It has taken team work and the cooperation of a lot of people to make the turn around possible – @JDMahama

I pledge that I will continue to work to ensure that we never find ourselves in such a situation again – @JDMahama

In this term and my next term I intend to work hard to ensure that we become the power hub for West Africa – @JDMahama

The ECG is undergoing corporate reorganisation to improve its response to customer demands – @JDMahama

As we were working to bring long shedding to an end we were working just as hard to increase access to electricity – @JDMahama

80% of Ghanaians now have access to electricity – @JDMahama

76% of our ppl had access to power by 2015 but now 80.5% enjoy power – @JDMahama

Currently, 24MW of solar power is transferred into the national grid which will increase to abt 200MW in years to come – @JDMahama

Our power sector companies have piled up debts which ultimately affect the operations of these companies – @JDMahama

The operation of these utility companies cannot be sustained unless the debt is addressed – @JDMahama

Leaders are called upon to make tough decisions whose overall benefits outweigh their initial difficulties – @JDMahama

We have to diversify our economy..we export 6000 metric tons of coffee – @JDMahama

The ESL was a tough decision to make and I apologise to whoever has been affected but the benefits will come – @JDMahama

From 2020 we have projected we’ll produce 100 metric tonnes of coffee which will eventually increase to 200 – @JDMahama

The coffee programme will not replace cocoa production. It will be rolled out alongside it – @JDMahama

The 60 million seedlings to be given to cocoa farmers for free will increase production significantly – @JDMahama

During the 2015/2016 farming season 2.4 million bags of granular fertiliser were supplied to farmers for free – @JDMahama

I appeal to traditional rulers and land owners to support the efforts of young people who want to go into farming – @JDMahama

Govt intends to commence a new initiative in palm oil production. It will create countless jobs and raw materials – @JDMahama

Gov’t through the Ghana Cocoa Board has initiated the youth into Cocoa cultivation by providing equipments – @JDMahama

Education curriculums have changed now..we are supposed to do evidence based learning, @JDMahama to Minority

We are working to support the large-scale production of maize for the poultry sector – @JDMahama

Gov’t is helping with the production of shrimp for export – @JDMahama

The World Bank estimates that Ghana suffers infrastructural deficit of 1.5bn$ per year – @JDMahama

The shrimp programme is expected to create 76,000 direct and indirect jobs and produce 30,000 metric tonnes – @JDMahama

We expect an export revenue of 60-200 million dollars from shrimp production – @JDMahama

Out of the 10mil people deprived of water, 4mil of them have been provided with portable water – @JDMahama

Since I last appeared in Parliament, 77.5 million gallons of water a day have been added to the national water grid – @JDMahama

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