Agencies of Education
These agencies convey education to the
1. The Home
2. The schools
3. Religious organizations
4. Clubs and Societies
5. The Mass Media
6. Non-Governmental Organizations

The home is the first place where the child
receives training and that is why is regarded as
an agent of education.
The home refers to the permanent place of a
group of people living together.
The people who contribute to the child
education at home are the father, mother,
elderly brothers and sisters.
The Role of the Home as an agent of
1. The home ensure that the child obeys
2. The child learns his first language and the
language of the society from home.
3. The home trains the individual or child to
be independent.
4. The home provides affection and
belongingness to the child.
5. The home give a wide range of knowledge to
the child before he start schooling.
6. The home trains individuals to recognize
family roles.
The school refer to a well structured
established educational institution, organized
for the purpose of inculcating knowledge,
values and skills in pupils.
The role of the school as an agent of
1. Builds the conference of the pupils to
partake in local and national assignment.
2. Acquisition of knowledge, values and skills.
3. Improve the ability to identify social and
educational problems through effective
4. Provide the child with social learning.
5. Improve willingness to participate in
political decision making both at local and
national levels.
Characteristics of school
1. Centrally organized.
2. Institutionally structured.
3. Planned and documented.
4. Take place within specially. located
5. Teachers are trained.
6. Deals with age grades or grade levels.

Children are trained by Religious bodies to
adopt methods of social learning. Is therefore
refers to a group of the same or similar
religious beliefs with the ultimate aim of
promoting religious activities as well as
economic, social and education among its
Types of Religions
There are three types of religion, these are :
1. Christian Religion
2. Islamic Religion and
3. African Traditional Religion
Function of Religious Organizations.
1. They go on envangelistic activities.
2. They provide formal education to their
individual members.
3. Teach the culture of the society.
4. Help in moulding the individual personality
through inculcating desirable values and
virtues .
5. Provide model for imitation.
1. Religious intolerance
2. Discrimination
3. Productivity is reduce due to restrictions
placed on some working days.
4. Unhealthy rivalry among different religious
1. Mission schools should avoid discrimination
in admission processes .
2. Members of the religious organizations
should be sanitized through the mass media
the harm when they fail to work on working
3. The religious organizations should receive
talks, religious counseling and symposia on the
principle of oneness and understanding .

They are groups or organizations established to
promote an overall development among pupils
or students or groups of people in the society.
1.Catholic Youth Organization
2. Green Earth Club
3. Drama troop
4.Wild Life Club
5. Boys and Girls Brigade
6.and many more…
Functions of Clubs and Societies
1. They undertake educational programmes to
help members.
2. Clubs and Societies promote health .
3. They also play religious functions.
4. They are also sometimes established for
leadership roles.
They provides a lot of informations and ideas
which contribute to the child development.
It is therefore refer to as non personal agent
of socialization, counting of reading materials,
files, radio and television programmes.
The types of Mass Media includes :
1. Television
2. Radio
3. Video and Cinema
4. Newspaper
* journals
* magazines
* periodicals

Role of the Mass Media
1. Teach cultural habits and practice
2. Help people to develop good language skills
3. Service as source of leisure and
4. Promote self education through the various
articles, publications and programmes.
5. Reinforce the efforts of the family and the

1. Shows of pornographic films.
2. Portrays violence
3. Create misleading picture in the minds of
people at times.
4. It does not have any link or relationship
with school instructions.
1. Parents must check children spending too
much time watching TV, Video and Cinema.
2. Total avoidance of watching films on
television, video and cinema.
3. All articles, programmes and films must be
scrutinized and removed from the mass media

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