Speech takes place when the organs of speech
move to produce a pattern of sound by
( Widdowson 1978).
It ca. also be defined as an utterance that
convey a message and carries meaning.
Organs of Speech
They are part of the human body that are used
in speech production . These organs includes
the lips, the tongue, the hard palate, the soft
palate, the jaws, the teeth, the aveolar ridge .
They can also be called ARTICULATORS.
Articulators are grouped into two namely
:Passive and Active articulators.
They are organs that do not move in the
course of speech production. These are :
1. The upper lip
2. The upper jaw
3. The hard palate
4. The alveolar ridge
5. The upper teeth
They are organs that move in the course of
speech production.
They are :
1. The lower lip
2. The lower teeth
3. The tongue
4. The soft palate
5. The lower jaw.
1. Speech allows response / feedback
2. It produces oral messages
3. It make man a distinct being or organism
from other animals
4. It pave way for interaction between two or
more people.

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