Step 1: Enrollment Pin

The National Service Scheme(NSS) will generate an enrollment pin (Personal Identification Number) for you using final year class list obtained from your educational institution. As a prospective national service personnel(NSP), you are required to check with the Students Affairs Office/Students Representative Council/ Office of the Dean of Students at your institution to pick up your pin. Enrollment PINS are usually released in February.

Step 2: Payment

Once you pick your PIN, proceed to any branch of Agricultural Development Bank(ADB) and pay your required enrollment processing fees currently Gh¢ 40.00( Forty Ghana cedis) in order to access the online registration platform.
Note:  Without payment you will not be able to register for your mandatory national service.

Step 3: Enrollment Online

After payment of your process fee, please log on to Move your mouse cursor towards the ‘Registration menu’, click on the “Enroll submenu”, which will open the online registration system for your postings. Please click on submit after completing the online registration form, and print a copy of the receipt. The receipt will contain a unique NSS alphanumeric code that will be used to identify you throughout your period of national service and beyond.

Step 4: Once you have properly registered to be deployed, visit regularly for news about release of posting or deployment. According to the NSS posting schedule, announcements about deployment will not be later than June of the year. Deployment news is also often released to the popular press and on social media platforms.

Step 5: Check Posting

As soon as postings are released, you can check for where you will be doing your national service by sending your NSS alphanumeric code via SMS text on your phone to a short code to be announced by NSS, and details of your posting will show up on your phone screen immediately the assigned short code (Note: Look out for short code to be announced later).

Step 6: Appointment Letter

Once you know where you are posted for your national service you can log on to click on ‘check postings’. After following the required process online, your appointment letter will appear on the screen of your computer.
Print at least three (3) copies of your appointment letter to complete the necessary processes for commencement of your national service.

Step 7: Report at the Regional Office
With your appointment letter in hand, proceed to the Region in which you will be doing your national service. Report at the NSS Regional office for the Regional Director of the scheme to endorse your Appointment Letter. Locations of Regional offices and contact numbers can be found on our website under the ‘Contact US menu’.

Step 8: Report to User Agency

From the Regional Office proceed to user Agency where you will be doing your national service, for the Head of that institution to also endorse your Appointment Letter to testify that you have reported as posted. It is important that the date of endorsement is indicated on your appointment letter (Note: Make copies for yourself).

Step 9: File copy of letter at NSS District Office

Send the fully endorsed and dated letter to NSS District Office. Give a copy of your endorsed Appointment Letter to the NSS District Director to place on file in the office. Contact Locations and Numbers of our District Offices can be found on our website under the ‘Contact US menu’.

Step 10: Report Back to User Agency to Begin National Service

Once your appointment letter is filed, you are required to return to your User Agency and start your national service as required in September of the year in which you were posted.

Step 11: Monthly Duty Reporting Forms

Once you begin, you will be required every month to submit to your NSS District Office, a Duty Reporting Form endorsed by the Supervisor at User Agency where you are doing your national service.  This form is designed not only to facilitate the processing of your allowances, but also to serve as a tool to obtain performance information about you from your supervisor.

For further information or enquiries;

Please visit: or

You can also call numbers for assistance:


Signed: Nii Armah Kwaku Tagoe
              Welfare Committee Head

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