A youth group calling itself the concerned youth of the NPP had their time to express their views on happenings in their party and what it can cause them if not stop. Below is the full release.

We the concerned youth of the NPP has realized that AKUFO ADDO is the cause of the NPP failure to attain power since 2008. Even ex president Kuffour has to drop him as a running mate after he lost the 1996 general election to Rawlings. This is very clear that he AKUFO is the bad luck to the NPP.
Today NPP is characterized by Division, Disorganization, chaos and gross leadership failure.We strongly believe that AKUFO ADDO is not co- equal to JDM in terms of personality, leadership qualities and height. However as youth of the NPP we are calling on the leadership of the NPP to think twice because as for we, we are repositioning ourselves for NDC and Mahama. Under one man ‘s leadership a lot has happened

1)  AKUFO ADDO succeeded in suspending the constitutionally elected National Chairman of which he couldn’t do FOKO.

2) AKUFO ADDO successfully suspended NPP’s National General Secretary as well as the 1st vice chair.

3) AKUFO ADDO ‘s leadership educated the whole country that, In the absence of the General Secretary, the organiser must be made to act at the expense of the Deputy General Secretary.

4.Under AKUFO ADDO ‘s leadership, a controversial bank account was created and operated.

5) AKUFO ADDO’ s leadership have recorded the NPP Two consecutive electoral defeat and still counting. Not forgetting that
1. The petition of the suspended executives challenging their decision is still pending.

2) No action has so far being taken against John Boadu for the leaked tape.

3) One person is having three positions in the NPP ( the national organiser, acting general secretary and head of operations) too talented.

“NPP’s biggest problem is Nana Akufo Addo, we have changed chairmen, secretaries a number of times, we have blamed the EC, the security agencies, the President, Asantehene, the supreme court, former President Kufuor, and everybody, the solution is right in front of us.
I can say that respectfully and painfully, we are heading for a defeat.Very soon all the people of the NPP will come from Kyebi and they can always meet in somebody’s house ……. ” these are not our words, but that of a leading member of the NPP (Arthur Kenedy) who wrote” chasing the elephant into the bush”
We have become a laughing stock in the political scene. And then all we hear is arise for change…… Which change at all when AKUFO ADDO want to be president by force.

It is better we vote for whom we claimed is incompetent but peace loving leader than a a violent leader, the dictator who claim to be competent but can not manage his own party.

……. Signed…….
Jonas Kojo Mabe (UCC)

Batse Wisdom (UPSA)

Bruku Sekyere Stephen (Legon)

Asamoah Vincent (AMECO)

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