Lawyer Egbert Faibill –   Part 2

Why  persecute JB Danquah Adu to drop his 2020 Presidential ambition  for Dr Bawumia? Between a dye in the NPP wool JB Danquah Adu and Bawumia who just joined NPP from NDC in 2008,  who deserves to lead a conservative tradition??

One should not waste his time on such trivialities but for the sake of humanity, we are prompted by instinctive feelings to touch on them.

I am happy the person who ignited this useless story has been declared unfit to sit in our legislature by many respected organizations including those perceived to be Npp bias.At this time the family of the deceased needs absolute peace and comfort. You don’t put out stories brought into mind through dementia feelings. What is the link here? And how is the killing of Hon.JB going to aid the President in 2016? Did the npp change its Presidential candidate for JB to takeover? If no,then why this unacademic conjectures.

Did it ever come into the public domain that Stan Xoese Dogbe had issues with JB?The person mentioned doesn’t even have any link with the deceased so why this twist.

Personally, I have resolved not to delve into areas I have no clue about concerning this very case I even have issues with the quick flow of information from the police to the public looking at the sophisticated way the operation was carried out.My position is that; we wait for the full report on the investigation to know the way forward. Linking it to our partisan politics would be unfair to the sobbing family and wouldn’t help the authorities fashion out a well designed policy on the security of our officials.

If we think such conjectures are appropriate at this time,then one may ask certain searching questions. What was the relationship between JB,Gabby and Nana.Not just the name,but the various blocks within the Danquah’s family. At least we know that Dr Amoako was brought down to take the seat from JB…We know that the Akuffo Addo block has never not comfortable with JB’s assertion that he is the true blooded offspring of J.B Danquah,we know of the serious banter between Gabby and JB at Tafo. Ken himself said on his network Oman FM that the murder was internally orchestrated pointing fingers at the Npp.Npp Chairman in the Eastern Region openly exposed plans to groom JB for the 2020 agenda.This agenda 2020 was really resonating among the rank and file in the region and the Akyem enclave in particular which sent shivers through the spine of the Pro-Akuffo Addo block. Why tell JB Danquah Adu to drop his ambition for Dr Bawumia?

Ken Ofori-Atta struggled to get out Mr Frank , brother of the deceased for Grant to takeover as head of a financial institution ( name withheld) what motivated that attempt.

All these cannot be used as material evidence to nail any person or group of persons to the cross.That will be unfair and we need now is the report.

This attempt to denigrate and attack persons working for the President is unnecessary and childish. For years,such attempts have not been successful so why the incessant struggle. For Ken,I think he needs good managers like Stan to manage his emotions and general attitudinal tendencies.I think the Npp leadership is rearing a dangerous animal that will inject into them the “demise drug” Nobility, good language and good use of language, solid intellectual argument and suggestion of prudent alternative policies were the pillars which propelled npp to the highest seat in 2000 not these unrefined jokes we seeing.

JB Damrifa Due !!!!!

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