We the people of the Volta Region have been voting massively for the NDC since 1992.

We have been so loyal to the NDC but the question is, what do we get as a reward for our loyalty?

The NDC government boast of being the first to bring a University to the Volta Region but it is totally wrong  because E.P CHURCH already has one in the region.

The regional hospital at Ho is not the only hospital in the region as they claim because there are other very good hospitals such as Battor R.C Hospital, St Anthony Catholic hospitals at Dzodze, Kpando and others.

So the question we ask is, are we getting what we deserve as the “World Bank” of the NDC?
And the answer is a big NO.

NDC has previously used tribalism to create hatred for the NPP in the Volta Region but we are wild awake now.

NDC has always been making mockery of Voltarians by cutting sods for projects during election years and after the elections, they abandon these projects.
Do we really deserve this as loyal voters?

Look at the Volta Region, what can we boast of as loyal voters of NDC since 1992?

Look at our regional library project initiated by the NPP in 2007.

Look at how Contractors only come to site during election years for the road from Ho to Sogakope through Adaklu and Adidome which was started around 1994.
Do we deserve this?

Look at the Ho Sports Stadium.
The NDC promised us a new sports stadium during the 2008 campaign but Where is it now?

My brothers and sisters, there is no meaningful employment avenues in the Volta Region.
The NDC has kept on promising us industries over the years but where are they?

The only party that thought about us and other Ghanaians and a result brought us some social interventions and developmental  programmes was the NPP.
Note, the NPP under the Ex-President Kuffour’s government brought NHIS, School Feeding Programme, LEAP, Keta Sea defence wall, Ho polytechnic auditorium, Tema -Aflao road, Construction of Ho Nurse’s Training college Hostels which is now UHAS and others.

These and others all show that;

NDC does not deserve our votes.

NDC is full of lies and deceptions.

NDC’s strategy is to destroy all the good works by the NPP and then try to fix them to get the credit.

NDC is only interested in borrowing huge sums of money from banks, IMF etc and then bloat the cost of projects so that they can get extra money to share among themselves.
This is not helping Ghana.

Look around you. The suffering is too much. It is too much this time. How long should we keep saying ego bee”?
Enough is enough (Evaglo laaa).

My brothers and sisters, we need CHANGE in Ghana and the votes of we, Voltarians MUST count towards this CHANGE.

To God Be The Glory


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