The reason why you must vote for John Dramani Mahama.

To build a strong Economy is like constructing a house, therefore you must Begin from the foundation to the roof.

In every Economy there are four sectors: The Construction sector, The Manufacturing sector, Agriculture sector The Educational sector and The Service sector.

In building a strong economy the foundation is very important, it is necessary that you must start from infrastructure level. The Construction sector is one of the most important sector for every countries economic development, because is contribute significantly to infrastructure development.

For the past eight (8) years from the 2001 to 2008 under the past government the economy of Ghana move back due to bad economic development policies. The past government failed to continue the infrastructural development policies.

The government of Mills-Mahama administration is continuing with the infrastructural development policies. The construction sector contributes to infrastructures such as construction of railways and roads, ports and harbours, industries, school, hospitals, buildings and the development of the information technology.

The future of Ghana’s economy is bright because Mills-Mahama administration as channel most of the nations revenue to infrastructure development which is a good investment for the future of Ghana.

The Mills-Mahama administration is constructing railways, roads, ports and harbours and the information technology that will contribute significantly to the mobility of resources to manufacturing, educational, agric, service and the construction sectors of the Ghana economy. The expansion of water supply, construction of markets, schools, the expansion of the health delivery services, Energy expansion projects to increase production of electricity supply to industries and the service sectors of the Ghana economy.

These are the Sixty (60) reasons why you must vote for NDC in 2016

Are you aware that within three (3) years, The NDC under President John Dramani Mahama has carried out massive infrastructural projects in Ghana?

1) The Rehabilitation of Komenda Sugar Factory.

2) The construction of Elmina Fish Processing Factory.

3) The construction CIMAF Cement Factory.

4) The rehabilitation of the GIHOC Shoe factory in Kumasi.

5) The Takoradi Port Expansion.

6) The Tema Port Expansion

7) The Tamale Teaching Hospital Rehabilitation and Expansion.

8) The construction Legon Teaching Hospital.

9) The construction NHIS Tamale Office

10) The construction Upper West Regional Hospital.

11) The construction of over 100 Community Day SHS.

12) The formation and the construction University of Health Allied Sciences.

13) The construction of  numerous CHPS compounds.

14) The construction of many Health Centres, Onuador Health Mobile Vans, construction of many Polyclinics.

15) The construction Millennium City Schools in Accra.

16) The Tamale Airport Rehabilitation and Upgrading.

17) The Kumasi Airport Expansion and the construction of Ho Airport.

18) The construction Nkrumah Circle Interchange.

19) The construction Aworshie Pokuase Road.

20) The Development Corridor, Takoradi Met.

21)The New Asphalt Roads  Yamoransa – Elubo Road Rehabilitation.

22) The expansion and Asphalting of all major roads in Accra.

23) The construction of Burma Camp interchange and Giffard Roads.

24) The construction Teshie – Nungua Bush Road.

25) The construction Aflao Metro Mass Terminal.

26) The Mampong Water Supply Rehabilitation and Expansion.

27) The Wa Water Supply Expansion.

28) The constructed Kibi 5- Town Water Treatment Plant.

29) The Akwapim Water Project.

30) The Teshie Desalination Water Plant.

31) The Kpong Water Works Expansion Project.

32) The Pungu Solar Energy Project.

33) The constructed Atuabo Gas Plant.

34) The construction Atuabo Free Port.

35) The expansion Electricity to 22 communities in Tamale South.

36) The expansion Electricity to 54 Communities in Mampong.

37) The over 60% increase in producer price of cocoa.

38) The Takoradi Sea Defence Project, Jita Tokor and Ada foah Sea Defence Project.

39) The constructed Cape Coast Sports Stadium Complex.

40) The construction of the NCA Tamale Offices.

41) The construction Kajetia Market Complex in Kumasi.

42) The construction of theTamale Market Complex.

43) The construction of the Kotokuraba Market in Cape Coast.

44) The construction Military Hospital in Kumasi.

45) The Expansion of Ridge Hospital in Accra.

46) The Expansion of Police Hospital in Accra.

47) The construction of Kumasi Roads and Drainage Expansion Project.

48) The construction Kumasi Rattray Park.

49) The construction of the 695km Eastern Corridor Roads.

50) The constructed Fufulso-Sawla road.

51) The constructed 800-kilometre Fibre Optic ICT Backbone.

52) The Gye Nyame, and the Volta Basin oil blocks exploration projects.

53) The successful implementation of  deregulation of petroleum products.

54) The construction 225 MW power barge to help solve the energy crisis.

55) The Ameri power project to increase electricity generation capacity.

56) The Asogli Thermal expansion projects.

57) The modernized Kotoka International Airport.

58) The Rehabilitated Job six-hundred (600) to house Parliamentarians.

60) The constructed multi-court building in Accra.

This infrastructure development projects under Mills-Mahama administration is significant for the economic development of Ghana.

Ghanaians these are the Sixty reasons why you should vote for the NDC for more developments.

Vote for JM 2016.

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