I write this article based on the fact that the
President of Ghana, HE John Dramani Mahama
has repeated over and over that he will fix the
energy crisis we have in Ghana. The Energy
Minister, Hon Emmanuel Kofi Buah, has also
told the world that gradually, Ghana is
becoming the hub for energy supply to West
African countries. These statements prompted
Nana Akomea, the Communications Director of
the NPP, who went to various radio stations
and told listeners that Ghanaians cannot
endure one more year of dumsor. It should be
told Nana Akomea that Ghanaians were able to
endure 8 years of the reckless administration
of President Kuffour and 8 years of the deadly
Nana Akufo Addo’s NPP.
You see, there is a saying that if a blind man
says he will throw a stone at you, it means that
he is stepping on one. If these two
personalities in Ghanaian politics are putting
their jobs on line to fix the energy problems,
then one can be assured that they know exactly
what they are doing. Of course, some people
who refer to themselves as Ghanaians don’t see
what these two gentlemen are doing. This is
why I want to put on record how Ghana is
going to be after dumsor dumsor.
The Ghana I see after dumsor dumsor is that
the University of Ghana Teaching Hospital will
have its expansion and upgrade completed with
1000 beds, and Tema is going to have a
Maritime Hospital with 130 beds. Kumasi will
have a Military hospital at its disposal and the
Shoe Factory operating at full capacity, with
orders coming from all over Africa. All the
district capitals would have well-equipped
hospitals and most regional capitals would
have either new or upgraded and renovated
hospitals. All these hospitals would have
ambulances at their disposal to help ease the
cases of emergencies.
The upgrade and expansion of both the Police
and Ridge hospitals in Accra would be
completed and with the energy in full supply,
unnecessary deaths and referrals would be
things of the past. Polytechnics would be built
across in all regions to help ease congestion at
our major hospitals. The Ghana I see after
dumsor in the health sector would move Ghana
to the level where Ghana would be receiving
patients from all over Africa instead of Ghana
sending patients to other African countries for
treatment. This is the Ghana I see. I know
some people are saying “tweeaaaa” as they
read this article but that is their problem.
Lovers and well thinkers of Ghana see exactly
what I see.
The Ghana I see after dumsor would have the
Kwame Nkrumah circle completed with the
place turned into a tourist attraction. The
sofoline interchange would be completed, so
will be the Adenta and Kasoa interchanges.
Motor Traffic congestion in the cities would be
a thing of the past. People will not have to go
to the Kumasi Airport after 6am and arrive
before 6pm. Air traffic flow at the airport
would be 24 hours in 7 days (24/7). The
Tamale International Airport will be fully
operational to ease the heavy load at Kotoka
airport. More airlines would be competing to
come to Ghana and that means more revenue
for more developmental projects. Most of the
major roads in the cities and villages will be
completed or upgraded including the Kumasi to
Accra road. If the NPP are dazed by the 2014
projects, they should wait for the 2018
developments and they will realize that they
are safe being in opposition.
The Ghana I see after dumsor would have most
people in Ghana including those at Adenta,
Madina, Teshie/Nungua, Mampong, Kibi (Nana
Addo’s hometown) Tema, Nsawam, Ningo/
Prampram, and a lot of others in the northern
parts of Ghana having portable and clean
drinking water for the first time in so many
The Ghana I see after dumsor will have the
Etuabo Gas Factory in full force, so also will be
the Komenda sugar factory. With the
completion of the Komenda sugar factory,
Ghanaians will be adding sugar to their tea and
porridge coming from their own soil. Ghana
will also be saving $350 million a year. If you
don’t like this, what else would you like? Would
you like to vote for the nation wreckers’ party?
The Ghana I see after dumsor will have the
Eastern Region having its own University and
the expansion of the Universities in Brong
Ahafo and Volta Regions. The progressive free
senior high education will be in full force with
10,000 students receiving scholarships to
attend various schools of their choice. Both
Tema and Takoradi harbors will have their
expansion and upgrade completed. Loading and
off-loading of goods at those ports will be very
easy and congestion will be something of the
The Ghana I see after dumsor will see Ghana
again qualifying for the world cup and winning
the AFCON for the first time since 1982. And
instead of the NPP asking how Ghana could win
the World Cup, they will be focusing on the
cost of a plate of food for each player.
Sometimes, they ask questions as if they are
not mature. The 15,000-seater Cape Coast
Sports Stadium will be available for use and
football in the Central Region will have a new
phase. Major markets including the ones in
Kumasi, Tamale, Cape Coast and a lot others
would have been built and transport of goods
and services from and to these places will be
nice to experience.
The Ghana I see after dumsor will see a ready
and improved security services. The Ghana
National Fire Service, the Police Service and
the Military would have taken stock of new
firefighting vehicles, new patrolling vehicles
and comprehensive retooling programs,
projects and modern aircraft to enable them
better perform their functions. The Ghana
Immigration Service would have had
Surveillance System (CCTV) and WIFI systems
installed at all the strategically Border Control
Points for smoother operations.
The Ghana I see after dumsor will see the final
retirement of Nana Akufo-Addo from active
politics. He will leave behind a divided and
visionless NPP and will go and stay in London
for good. With the dumsor problem resolved,
Ghana will once again see PEACE. The PEACE
Ghana will be enjoying will be at the
disadvantaged of the NPP. What will happen is
that once there is peace in Ghana, the NPP
members will be fighting amongst themselves.
You watch! When peace returns to Ghana, the
NDC will be talking about the present and the
future. The NPP on the other hand, will be
talking about the past. After dumsor dumsor,
the NPP will not have anything left to tell
Ghanaians. What they will be doing is to be
reminding Ghanaians of the era of dumsor
dumsor. Do you remember the fall of the cedi?
The cedi stopped falling in August 2014 but in
January 2015, the NPP were still talking of the
fall of the cedi. They kept quoting their
economic idol; Dr. Bawumia as saying the
dollar will be 4 cedis to a dollar by December
2014. Meanwhile, the cedi stopped at 3 cedis
to the dollar in August 2014. Do you see the
deficiency in their judgment? Yaw Osafo Marfo
is now saying it is sinful for a President to
come from the North, and yet they hail Dr.
Bawumia as their greatest hero. I always cry
for Dr. Bawumia as an NPP guy.
Even though Ghanaians will be having
electricity for 24 hours in 7 days, (24/7) the
NPP will still be talking of the tailor shops,
barber shops, small businesses, hair dressers
and others not having electricity. When
business will be booming because of the
energy supply, the NPP will be recounting the
number of businesses that collapsed during the
dumsor era. They will be reminding families
whose prince and princess lost their jobs as a
result of the power failure even though such
individuals will now be working. The Ghana I
see after dumsor is the NPP complaining why
Ghanaians are having electricity supply for
24/7. They will tell Ghanaians to vote against
the NDC because NDC has resolved all their
problems and that is not good for them. They
wished this dumsor continues into 2016 and
yet demonstrated against it. What kind of
people and party are these: when cedi fall
down, they will talk, when cedi rise too, they
will talk. When lights go off, they will talk,
when lights stay on, they will talk. If the
President fights corruption, they will talk, if
the President does not fight corruption, they
will talk. Holy Ghost fire burn them.
Lawrence Appiah-Osei (Protocol)
Chairman and Founder
Friends of John Dramani Mahama (USA

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